Awkward & Awesome

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  • The Christmas gift situation at our office. We  haven’t done a “Secret Santa” in the past, because we were such a small group, but with 6 people now, buying everyone a gift gets kind of expensive. I am still not sure what to do. Some people do give gifts, others don’t, but I don’t want to be one of the people who don’t. Besides, I love giving gifts. Still, awkward.
  • How it always feels like Christmas is still so far away, and then BAM, there are only two weeks left! If you keep in mind, that I’ll be traveling in a week in a half, it leaves even less time and I feel a tiny bit freaked out right now if I will get everything done. (But I guess I always have in the past, so I shouldn’t worry too much.)
  • Passive-aggressive emails. What are you saying? I’ve brought that up before? Yeah, well, they keep coming. Some people are really good at them. Ugh.
  • When I booked my flight to Germany, my default seat reservation was a middle seat (although I requested an aisle seat). That does not bode well for my flight experience, people. I am really hoping the flight is not booked out and I’ll be able to move to an aisle seat (and in case, I am not that lucky, dear God, please make sure that I won’t end up between two big, sweaty guys who will not only take over both arm rests, but also my leg space.  Kthxbye.)



  • 12 days until I leave for Germany. 12 days until I will get to see the little munchkins. 12 days until I will indulge in Glühwein and Christmas cookies (baked by my Dad!).
  • Our teeny, tiny Christmas tree. It’s not even really a tree, if we’re honest, but it makes my heart so happy.
  • Very excited about a little project for 2012, initiated by some of my blog friends. “12 changes in 2012” is a different approach to the ever-failing “New Year’s resolutions”. If you want to know more, stay tuned (I’ll blog about it) or contact one of those two ladies.
  • I’ve been crocheting up a storm these last few weeks and I’ll have a few handmade gifts to give out this Christmas. I hope they’ll be as well received as I had fun making them.
  • I’ll be writing all my (60+) Christmas cards this weekend. At least, that’s the plan.


Happy Thursday, peeps!

  1. I love Gluhwein! It’s a staple in our house around the holidays.

    I hope your seat situation works out well!

  2. I can’t wait to hear more about “12 Changes in 2012” – I’m horrible with keeping resolutions. This year I tried making monthly goals instead – and did really well until September, at which point I completely forgot about them. Oops …

  3. We have about 10 people in my office so I’m probably going to make some baked goodies for everyone. I bought a present for the boss I’m the assistant for but cannot afford to buy something (even something little!) for all of them. Maybe that’s an idea for you?

  4. My husband is very tall and it gives him the sweats to sit in pretty much any row. Whenever we fly, he goes to the gate agent and requests a change to the exit row. Without fail, we’ve always gotten moved to those seats (that is, until we started traveling with Gavin and are now no longer eligible for those seats). So, my advice? If you don’t get a window/aisle seat? Get to the airport early. Stalk the gate until the agents open up the counter. Approach them and ask to be moved to the exit row. Even if you’re stuck in a middle seat there, at least you’ll have more leg room … and if you have tall people next to you, their legs won’t be in the way!

  5. Wow, your flight to Germany is so soon! And we will be so close! I bet it will be awesome!
    Happy weekend! xxx

  6. Fingers crossed on your flight! Being the middle on a flight that long could very well be miserable. Hopefully you get an aisle seat or at least acceptable seat mates.

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