5th annual Secret Santa (Mug) Swap 2020 Reveal

I know, I know, this wrap-up post for the 5th annual Secret Santa (Mug) Swap is unbelievably (oh-just-3,5 months) late and I apologize. If you participated, you know why my plan of sharing everyone’s pictures in a timely manner didn’t pan out. Because of Covid, the postal service experienced terrible delays and the last package didn’t make it to the recipient until earlier this year. 

Then I basically had to “hunt down” pictures of all the packages that had been exchanged, because obviously we also couldn’t post them on social media on the date that I had originally planned for everyone to share their swap items.

I still haven’t received one of the pictures, but I decided that I owe it to you to finally post the swap reveal and to show off the beautiful mug that I received (see above) from Carolina. I absolutely love it. I thought it was the perfect mug with a perfect message to focus on during the last year. Thanks so much, Carolina, for picking this mug out for me. It’s become one of my favorites!

And here are the other mugs + goodies that were swapped:

Kristen / Kate  / Tanja
Carolina / Kandace / Stefanie

I tagged the recipients of these mugs in the caption, not the sender. Maybe you’ll find a new blog or a new Instagram account you’ll like to follow along.

I hope you all loved what you received and you had fun participating in the swap! Thanks so much to everyone who was willing to brighten someone else’s holiday season last year. It was a tough one for all of us and I think receiving a little package from a sweet Internet friend made it a little bit better, or at least, I hope so, even if some of these packages were a bit delayed. 

  1. I was wondering where that post was. So glad everyone participating had fun. Lovely mugs were exchanged but I personally like yours best.

  2. I love a uniquely shaped coffee mug and the one you received looks so CUTE! What a lovely exchange you have going on, and for it to run five years! Very impressive :)

  3. It may have been delayed a bit, but it looks like everyone got a lovely gift and that’s the main thing. LOVE your mug and its message.

  4. I loved, loved, loved participating in this swap again, even if we weren’t able to all do our big reveals as planned. Thank you again for organizing it!

    1. Thanks, Kate. So happy to have you!

  5. It’s lovely how the senders selected the mugs and accompanying goodies with such care. If you do it next year, I might have to opt in. :) I already have thoughts about some treats that could go along with a mug.

    1. I’d love for you to join, Anne! :)

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