28: Our Thanksgiving

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Our Thanksgiving this year didn’t look much different than last year’s, to be honest, despite the pandemic. As previously mentioned, Jon and I are kind of used to spending holidays without seeing family, so it’s our “normal” to make it nice just for the two of us. Funnily enough, we had tentative plans this year to actually see family for the holidays, but when the COVID-situation didn’t allow for travel (at least in our opinion, it didn’t), it wasn’t too hard to switch back to our usual plan.

I probably would have run our local Turkey Trot again this year, but since the run went virtual (like everything else), I decided to team up with Tanja for a virtual run on Thursday morning. It’s nice that you can count on a friend to go along with your plans and knowing that she was also running a turkey trot in her neck of the woods and made me feel thankful and connected. And we even did a virtual high five at the end.

After I got back, I started preparing our Thanksgiving feast, while sipping coffee and face-timing with my family in Germany. I love spending the day in the kitchen and setting a nice table, even if it’s just for the two of us.

We did stay in our lounge pants, however, in expectation of the waistband-expanding dinner.

When we initially brainstormed side dishes for our meal, we threw around some new ideas and then ended up just recreating our Thanksgiving meal from last year: Roasted TurkeyChicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, roasted green beans, and delicious apple-cornbread-stuffing. For dessert, I baked an apple cake again and made some freshly whipped cream to go along with it.


After dinner, we settled in for a cozy evening on the couch by the (fake) fireplace. Honestly, I was so stuffed that I couldn’t move one more inch. We talked about what we’re thankful for this year and I also got some knitting done. We both agreed that it was just the quiet and cozy Thanksgiving that we wanted.

How was your Thanksgiving? Did you make it a good day?

  1. Yum! Everything looks delicious. This was our 2nd year in a row of Thanksgiving for Two and we had a good day of running, then putting on stretchy pants, and cooking our heats out. And now we’re having a nice relaxed weekend eating off our leftovers.

    1. That sounds exactly like our weekend :)

  2. Mmh, your meal looked so good!!!
    And the Apple cake – I love it so much !

    1. The apple cake was the best :)

  3. Ooo, what are you knitting? I haven’t knitted all year (it’s a weird hobby for me, lol) but I love hearing about other people’s projects.

    Your food looks delish! I love the idea of roasted green beans.

    Our holiday was nice! We never see our fams for Thanksgiving, and sometimes see friends, so it was fine for it to be just us two (it was last year too). We made a fake meats turkey (I am vegan and my husband is vegetarian) and on Sunday we made a fake meats ham and I am going to make a pumpkin pie today too (bad planning on my end of making it so late).

    1. I am knitting a triangle shawl in garter stitch… the fun color-gradient yarn makes up for the blant pattern, but I just love something to keep my hands busy when I watch TV :)

      I am glad to hear you had a nice holiday weekend.

  4. It sounds like you had a lovely holiday with just the two of you! I was able to see family for Thanksgiving (people who are already in my “bubble”) and I was so very grateful for that. It would have been really hard to be alone on a holiday!

    1. I am glad you have people in your bubble that you got to see for the holiday. That is the safest way to do it and I can understand that you didn’t want to be completely alone.

  5. Yum! Your meal looked delicious! Our meal was pretty simple between me not feeling great and having diet restrictions related to gestational diabetes. We roasted a turkey breast and I made mashed potatoes for Phil (couldn’t eat them – they make my blood sugar spike), gravy, and a roasted cheesy cauliflower dish that I could eat. I was planning to make asparagus but we had some the night before and 2 days in a row felt like a bit much! No dessert either but Phil said to not go to the trouble for him (I wouldn’t have been able to eat it). I’ll make up for it at Christmas when I’m not restricted besides my gluten intolerance and I will hopefully not be dealing with RA flares!

    We had a nice mid-day meal and then after Paul’s nap we went for a nice family walk!

    1. It sounds like you made the best of the holiday (despite all the restrictions – Covid- and dietary).

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