23: Six new products I tried & loved

I am doing NaBloPoMo this month. 30 blog posts in 30 days. Come join me. #nablopomo2020

1. I’ve started taking collagen supplements again. I used to take Vital Proteins Collagen, then stopped and now am getting back to it. I found Great Lakes Collagen* at Trader Joe’s. It’s a reasonable price ($9.99 for 10 oz) and I researched it and it seems to have a good reputation. It is tasteless and dissolves easily in my morning coffee, so I think I’ll be getting that one for now. 

2.I enjoy a good exfoliating scrub (when I remember) and when I came across this Exfoliating Dry Brush*, I was reminded that I wanted to get one of those to use more regularly before getting in the shower. It’s the perfect size and I am enjoying it so far.

3. Someone on Instagram recommended this Ninabella®* Detangling Hair Brush. I have very fine hair that gets easily knotted and tangled up, which makes brushing very difficult, but this brush really makes a difference. There is noticeably less hair left behind in the brush, and it really detangles the hair gently without tearing out a lot of hair. Ninabella® is a German brand, but you’re lucky, it’s available to us here in the US through Amazon.

4. The last time I bought shampoo, I ordered this big a** bottle of shampoo from a brand that my hairdresser had recommended (remember the times when we went to salons? I haven’t been in ages!) and it took me forever to use it up. While I liked it, I have the type of fine hair that gets tired of the same shampoo and I need to switch it up every once in a while. I saw that the Purezero®* Shampoo was on sale at Target (the only place I shop for personal items in person right now) and since it’s a clean beauty brand without all the bad stuff, I gave it a try and really like it.

5. I also recently picked up Trader Joe’s Coconut & Shea Hair Mask*, which people have been raving about, and I can confirm: it smells really good and makes your hair smooth and soft.

6. It’s not a secret that I am a fan of Mrs. Meyer’s. We’ve been using their dish soap, laundry detergent, multi-surface cleaner, hand soap, and hand lotion for years and I always enjoy their seasonal scents, e.g. this Mrs. Meyer’s Orange Clove hand soap*.

Have you tried any new products lately? Share your winners!

* #notanad, This is not a sponsored post. I have not been compensated by the brand or anyone else for linking the websites.

  1. i was working on my beauty post too and hoping to get that up this week. I love Mrs. Meyers anything. The scents are always incredible! Oooh I’d love to try a hair mask—my hair has finally stopped falling out (that was weird!) but it looks so damaged and I miss the salon, too!! These products all look amazing ❤️

    1. I can really recommend the hair masks. It’s awesome and affordable!

  2. I’m currently enjoying the apple cider scent for Mrs. Meyer’s hand soap. It’s one of my absolute favorite scents!

    1. Yes, the apple cider scent is wonderful too.

  3. No new products for me lately. My most recent purchase was some Christmas jammies for the boys and that’s about it! I will have to check out that shampoo when I use up my aveda stuff. I also have a HUGE bottle so it’s taking forever to get through!

    1. I always want to buy the big bottles (for price and less trash), but I do like to switch things up and it takes forever to use them up LOL

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