Monthly Favorites | January

1. My sister sent me a hand-sewn heating pad for Christmas (I love that she’s also crafty when she has the time!) and it’s been my best friend for the last few weeks. We like to keep our home on the cooler side, so I heat this up at night and take it with me when I go to bed and it’s wonderful. 

2. I was introduced to the deliciousness of Cotswold Double Gloucester Cheese* this month. TBH, there aren’t many cheese that I don’t like, but I also usually have my go-to cheeses and rarely branch out. I am glad that I was able to try this cheese (as I don’t know if I would have picked it up at the store by myself), because it’s DELICIOUS. Go buy some at Trader Joe’s.

3. I probably mentioned before that I love puzzles but rarely do any. Over the long MLK weekend, I got to do some puzzles with some friends and it was so much fun that it’s making my favorites list. I think I’d like to get some more puzzles. 

4. Do you like Kiwi? I always forget how much I like Kiwi*. I rarely buy it and I don’t really know why (maybe I don’t like to peel it? Maybe I just forget how good it is?), but I am trying to remember that I actually enjoy the taste very much.

5. I’ve been using The Ordinary “Buffet” Peptide Serum* on and off for a while and I really like it. It can be a little ‘sticky’ used by itself, but I use in at night before I put on moisturizer and it’s a nice combination to hydrate my skin while I sleep.

6. I was never a big fan of green tea*, but for some reason, I’ve recently taken a liking to it. Maybe it’s because I’ve set this goal to properly “hydrate” during the day and I can better reach my goal if I add more (decaf) tea to my hydrating options.

7. I’ve been a little bit obsessed with My Fitness Pal* this month. I’ve been “loosely” tracking my food and water intake for well over a year, more out of curiosity than anything else, but I’ve committed this month to really be diligent about tracking food and especially water (because I have a hydration goal, see above) and pay attention to the macros a bit. 

What was one of your favorite things this month?

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  1. I haven’t used My Fitness Pal in sometime but really enjoyed it when I did:l. Also I love love love kiwis but never think to purchase them! Thanks for the reminder ❤️ Also that heating pad sounds wonderful. I’m always freezing! Hope you’re having a great week, San! Xoxo

  2. You peel Kiwi? I rarely do, but if I use a ‘Sparschaeler’ (Potato Peeler?) :) However, most of the time I just cut it in half and use a teaspoon to get it out…. Way easier and not so messy, in my opinion.

  3. Wow I’m not sure what happened with my name in that last comment! Sorry about that lol

  4. Mangos!! South African Mangos are something else! Besides the normal-sized ones they have smaller ones that you can eat like an apple. No peeling. I could eat them all day! 😊

  5. Unripened kiwi is just not very good, which is probably why it’s hard for me to want to buy kiwi. However, ripe kiwi is THE BEST. So I just need to figure out when it’s ready. :P

  6. I also love kiwi but rarely eat it. I find it to be difficult/annoying to peel. But I know it’s a great source of vitamin C!

    I love puzzles, too. I got one for Christmas and have been waiting for the right time to take it out. I am just not sure how much I will get to work on it with Paul around as he tends to want allll of my attention. Ha.

  7. Kiwi in fruit salad is my new best friend. And I also use a Sparschäler as Tanja mentioned. Easy peasy and less messy. But than it only works if they are still firm.

  8. I loooove kiwi, & I loooove the Buffet serum!

  9. I do like kiwi, but yeah, the whole peeling thing is not fun. LOL Ooh love the gift your sister made you. Some people are so crafty!


  10. Ooh, you know, I love kiwi and rarely buy it from the store. I don’t know why! It’s so good! I also never peel it… just eat the skin and everything. I really enjoy the skin for some weird reason. Haha.

    My favorite thing from January was a wireless charging pad for my iPhone. It’s life-changing!

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