September Favorites

September 2015 Monthly Favorites

1. My Thinking Cup mug. I got this at the coffeeshop in Boston with the same name and I just love it. They exclusively brew Stumptown Coffee, so how can you not not love this place? This mug is a nice reminder of our visit in 2012.

2. Ritter Sport Dark Hazelnut – I am not a chocolate addict by any means (I prefer salty over sweet treats, usually), but “I would rather not have a piece of dark chocolate”… said nobody ever. (Ok maybe, my dad. He seriously does not like chocolate? I am not sure how that is even possible.) Anyway, this is delicious (and of course, German chocolate) and you want it in your life. It’s available at Trader Joe’s and Cost Plus World Markets.

3. Grove blood orange hand sanitizer (from ePantry) – it smells lovely.

4. Hexagon stamps from Studio L2E – I ordered these stamps a couple of weeks ago in a state of über-xcitement for my new 2016 planner and I am so in love with them. They’re great quality and I just have a thing for hexagons lately.

5. Apples – It’s officially fall (even though CA hasn’t gotten the memo yet) and while other people are all about everything-pumpkin in the fall, I am crazy for everything-apple. Give me all the apple overnight oats, apple muffins, apple pies, apple fritters, apple ciders, etc.

6. The Proposal – I just love this movie. It was on repeat on TV this month and I caught parts of it here and there. I’ve seen it so many times now, that I can almost lip-sync the whole thing. I think it’s witty, funny, and I love both Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. I also do own this one on DVD (which should tell you something, because I only buy a DVD if I really like a movie.

  1. I love Sandra Bullock! My favourite movie of hers is “While You Were Sleeping” – it was on TV last weekend and I begged Nathan to watch it with me. He’s not a big fan but he did relent – he owes me, after all the action movies I’ve watched with him lately :)

  2. Love Ritter Sport! Hazelnut and marzipan are two of my favs. I saw a thing on facebook that had the lyrics “to the window to the wall” which reminded me of a scene from The Proposal haha, Its also funny that in real life it’s Ryan Reynolds that’s Canadian.

  3. Yummy, Ritter Sport… I was at Trader Joe’s this morning and bought 3 packs! :-)

  4. I’m really loving apples lately, too! I’ve been having one a day. I’ve been eating Zesters right now but will switch to Apple Crisps when the price is more reasonable!

  5. That mug is so cute! I’m actually going with a friend this weekend to pick some apples at an orchard (we try to do this every year and so far have succeeded except last year). Apples are super tasty and might I add, very healthy. :)

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