October Favorites


1.) Trader Joe’s Spicy Hummus Dip. Oh my goodness, where has it been all my life? I am embarrassed to admit that I never really wanted anything to do with hummus (please don’t even ask why, I have no logical answer!), but now that I tried this, I am hooked. So, so good.

2.) I’ve been using the Sebamed Moisturizer  for quite a while now and really like the texture and smell of it. It’s not greasy and keeps my skin hydrated, even during the winter months.

3.) I am pretty sure I am not the only one who has an obsession with coffee mugs (admit it!). I think coffee just tastes that much better out of a pretty mug and my latest favorite is Ikea’s Tillbaka Coffee Mug which, you know, must have snuck its way into my shopping cart during my latest Ikea trip. No idea how that happened.

4.) I have this Alternative Women’s Scoop Neck Tee in grey already. I ordered it last year, because I needed an extra item for a “minimum purchase” to get free shipping at Amazon (before I got Amazon Prime) and I liked it , because it was perfectly priced and it’s a tee with thumb holes (which seem to be hard to come by). Turns out, it became one of my favorite winter tees and so I recently ordered this one in black in hopes that winter is just around the corner. (Well, it’s supposed to be in the low 60’s for Halloween. I am hopeful.)

5.) This month I am so very excited about this little craft adventure of mine that I started with a friend by opening up our little Etsy shop, Four Hands Creations. It’s an interesting project and fun endeavor. We’ll see where it takes us.

6.) Kerri raved about her Old Navy’s Diva Skinny Jeans in her last month’s swoonage post and even though I am not the greatest fan of skinny jeans, I felt intrigued by her positive review. I had to go and at least try them on. Well, let’s just say they fit perfectly, were super-comfortable and Old Navy had a sale I couldn’t pass up. Convincing enough, right?

What was one of your favorite things this month?

  1. OMG….I love your new shop!!! I’m so excited and happy for you!

  2. Since you are such a lovely and nice person, I’ll forgive about the hummus. (Now go get some more!) ;)

    I love scoop necks like those for the winter. I usually get some every other year (or when the ones I have die). They’re perfect and warm, but not overwhelming inside when it’s heated.

  3. My favorite thing about October was the beautiful unseasonably warm weather we had here! And I have been loving my new boots that I bought in September.

  4. I love that hummus, too! Goes really well with tortilla chips.

    I’m also a fan of Old Navy’s skinny jeans. Now that I think of it, I should probably go stock up for winter. :)

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