Things I want to do in 2020

Go skiing (and snowboarding).

Guess what, I already checked that off my list last week when I went to Tahoe with some friends. Skiing is secretly always on my goals’ list. It’s a real shame that I live two hours from the snow and go so rarely. I want to change that. It’s hard to get up to the mountains, if your husband is not much of a snow person, but I am hoping to go once or twice more this season. 

Travel this summer with my family

I might have mentioned it here before, but if not: my family is coming to visit this summer; my parents, my sister and BIL and the kids, and I am beyond excited. They’ll be here for about three weeks and we’re in the midst of planning another epic road trip together. I wish they could just come and I could host them at our place, but unfortunately, we don’t have the space and of course, they want to see more than Sacramento if they come all the way over here. So we’ll be traveling together quite a bit and I am sure it will be a blast!

Improve my fitness and break the 2 hour-mark in the half marathon.

Does this goal sound familiar? Yes, because I copied it from last year. I did NOT run a sub-2 hour half marathon last year, so it’s staying on the goals’ list. I also didn’t run three half marathons (as two of the three I was planning to run fell during the time when I was traveling to Germany), which means I only got one shot at setting a new PR and since the only half marathon I ran was San Francisco ( = hills) I knew it was kind of a long shot. 

Run at least 600 miles this year.

I want to up my running mileage again this year. I ran 469 miles in 2019, but I would love to hit 600 miles again this year. This amounts to 50 miles per month. That should be doable, even if I throw in cycling and more cross-training.

Work on my Etsy shop.

If you follow me on social media, you might know that I own a shop on Etsy. Once upon a time, it was a little endeavor I started with my neighbor-friend across the hall, but she moved away, had kids, and eventually decided that she didn’t have the time to invest time in our little shop anymore. For almost a year, I contemplated what to do; close shop or continue on my own. I eventually decided that I didn’t want this creative outlet go. I’ll tell you more about that decision in a separate post. 

Read more than 27 books.

2019 was a slow reading year for me. I think I finished 27 books, only barely more than half than I had hoped. But, reading is supposed to be fun and I am not  going to put a number goal on it, if that means I am going to put unnecessary pressure on myself.

Continue to invest in healthy living

I have a lot of fitness goals on my list here and along with this goes a focus on healthy living. I’ve started tracking food and macros this month,  not to lose weight, but to be more aware of how I fuel my body. I also set myself a goal of drinking at least 60 oz of water every day, because hydrating properly has been an on-and-off challenge for me over the years.

One act of kindness every week.

I always try to be a nice person, but I am hoping to purposefully make someone’s day every week. It can be through offering a helpful hand, a sympathetic ear, heartfelt advice, or a simple compliment. It’s so easy to make someone’s day better by adding some positivity and kindness. Yes, it’s awkward sometimes to offer a compliment to a stranger, but every time someone has done it for me, it buoyed me up through the day and beyond.

Be intentional with my time.

This is nothing new. I always feel pressed for time, have so many competing interests. Sometimes, I am guilty of mindless scrolling on social media and when people tell me that they’ve been watching this show or listened to that  podcasts, I sometimes feel left out or like I am missing out, but I want to focus on the things that interest me this year and not feel bad to not jump on every bandwagon.

Keep up with my planner/journal.

I’ve tried my hand at bullet journaling the last two years and it was an on-again-off-again love affair. When I was bullet journaling, I was doing it 110%, until I wasn’t and didn’t touch it for a couple of months. I hated these empty pages in between. So, for 2020,  I bought a new, traditional planner and I am hoping that I’ll better be able to keep up with it this year.

Did you set any goals for 2020?

  1. This is a great set of goals! Way to go on already crossing one off the list! I really lowered the bar for goals this year and only have 2 – complete a reading challenge and workout 3 times/week. I’ve already crossed off 3 of the 10 categories on the reading challenge so I think I’ll accomplish that goal pretty quickly. And so far I’ve managed to workout 3 times/week. I still feel like that is such a lame/weak goal since I used to workout 5+ times/week but I have to keep reminding myself that 3 times is a great goal for a mom who works outside the home.

  2. My goals are much like your own, San. I want to be more intentional, get more out of the time I spend on things so that I can hopefully enjoy a better quality of life! Streamlining, sticking to it, appreciating the moment. Such a beautiful post and it’s great to be back here!

  3. I’m with you on the healthy living goals as well as the kindness to adding more kindness.
    Crossing my fingers for your mile goal – to me running 600 miles in a year seems soooo much. But I know you can do it!

  4. I want to read more books – I’m in a book club which is great to read books I wouldn’t touch otherwise. I also hope to complete my yoga teacher training and grow my freelance business while still taking time to relax and enjoy life

  5. These are some fantastic goals! I am sure you are going to have a blast when your family comes to visit! I always love showing our out of town relatives around when they come to see us. I love the idea of a random act of kindness once a week too, good for you!

  6. Great goals! I have never skied or snow boarded but it looks like SO much fun! I hope you get out again soon. Being intentional with your time…I need to learn how to better at this too. Also, 27 books is not bad! I realize I had to stop making reading goals because sometimes I just don’t wanna. And the pressure is awful lol. There are so many other things I can worry about. I hope you have an amazing week!

  7. Good luck with all of your goals for the year. I definitely want to focus on healthier living in general – drink more water, be more active, eat better. It’s a constant thing, and I’ve had ups and downs but I’m working on it.


  8. Great goals! You’ll crush the half-marathon sub-2 hours goal for sure!
    And I’m so happy for you that your family is coming to visit! Yes, you’ll have a blast!

  9. I love this list of goals! All are totally doable and even if you don’t cross all of them off, you at least got to have fun trying. :) That’s my outlook, anyway. Yay for getting a chance to ski again (that’s something I desperately want to do, but haven’t gone since I was TWELVE!!!) and for your family coming to visit. 2020 is shaping up to be a good year for you!

  10. My goal this year is to be more active in general, and I feel like I’ve stepped up in January but I need to do even more in coming months. I really want to go on a small road trip with my family this summer but I don’t know if it is going to happen. Crossing fingers, though!

  11. Loving this list of goals for 2020. Wishing you all the fun and luck to achieve them all. And I look forward following along. How fun that your family is planning to visit this summer. And I would love to be in the snowy mountains more often too. I miss snow so much.

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