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Thrifting wardrobe tips.

7-morning habits that could affect your day.

Note-taking by hand: a powerful tool to support memory. I used to take notes by hand in college and then often rewrite a clean copy at home (as part of my studying process).

The 2-step “loci method” for memorizing absolutely everything. Have you heard of this technique?

When you can’t afford your friends anymore.

Around the blogosphere

The pros and cons of moving away.

My friend Kim shared this very important message: People don’t know what you don’t tell them.

Who can relate? Why You Have Nothing to Wear and What To Do About It.

Is “where are you from” a problematic question? Do you get this question sometimes? How do you feel about it?


Everything You Need For Your Fall Bullet Journal Inspiration.

FREE: Printable Halloween Treat Labels.

For my runner friends

80% Your Runs Should Be Slow: The Art of Slow Running. I am learning this.

20 of the Best Snacks For Runners: What, Why, & When You Should be Eating.


These look delicious. Easy Healthy Breakfast Cookies.

Onion Chive Biscuits.

Best Baked Cod.

I am looking forward to more fall recipes! Crockpot Creamy Broccoli Cheddar Chicken.

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  1. Yep! When I was in school I always handwrote my notes and then typed them after class. Since finishing my grad degree in 2014 I hardly ever write by hand anymore, so I think it would be a huge adjustment if I ever took a class again. But that’s still the approach that I would take.

    I like the look of the breakfast cookies – I might just have to make these.

  2. I always want more information from the thrifting experts. What should I be looking for in thrift stores? Whenever I walk in, I’m always just overwhelmed. LOL. They say to get to know your local stores, but I want a lot more about that. How do I find a good store without having to travel far? That article left me with more questions than answers!

  3. I always handwrote my notes, even when I was doing my masters which I finished a couple of years ago. Writing while listening also helps me concentrate.
    We have friends in varying life stages and you do have to be aware of how much things cost when organising to socialise. We’re pretty careful about this and save the splurges for when we’re with particular friends or family … or by ourselves.
    I do a lot of slow miles and it definately helps with being recovered enough to hit the workouts well.

  4. I am taking an online course right now and I’m taking all my notes by hand. It’s a habit I’ve always had and I think it helps me remember things much better.

  5. I used to feel bad to run slow on easy days ,no longer once I started with my coach over a year ago. I got to learn the benefit of slow running which has nothing to do with my race pace. Last year when I went to Berlin, I averaged 9:15 min/mile for my marathon while my easy pace was around 10:30-10:40 min/mile. It took me a long time to realize that now I get to appreciate it and do it with pleasure. we are stubborn sometimes but need to trust on the science. :)

  6. I always enjoy your links lists so much! I struggle with “Where are you From” as well but I know people are just really interested. It’s just a hard question – I grew up in California but don’t feel particularly California. I lived in Oregon for 7 years and now in Wales for 11 years… but also I try and remember people are just curious and they love accents.

  7. I also learn by writing so taking notes has always been part of my studying experience. I took so many pages of notes when I was studying for the CFA! And funnily, the loci method was mentioned in a weird book I read called ‘the last lecture’. I didn’t end up liking the book as it was a bit too ‘high brow’ for me but it’s funny that I read it just before reading this post that references the loci method!

  8. Again some interesting links. the friendship one made me think. It is sad that money does play into how we can keep relationships. Among other things…

    Also loved the thrifting article. I feel like my head is forming a challenge for 2024 where this will come in handy.

  9. How did I miss this post? i’m glad I came back to it- so many good thing here. I want to make those breakfast cookies TODAY but I have to wait for my bananas to get ripe!

  10. I have to type my notes now, for reasons too complex to describe, and it’s challenging to commit things to memory. Then again, I have a lot more things to keep straight, so… I use Evernote, take notes in literally every meeting, and can search my history back to (I think) 2014 (work) and 2013 (personal). I pay for it, but it pays me back, for sure. (I used to use your method and oh, it is so effective!)

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