4th annual Secret Santa Mug Swap 2019 – Reveal

I know this wrap-up post for the 4th annual Secret Santa Mug Swap is a bit late. I had good intentions posting this before Christmas, but I couldn’t because one of the participants apparently had bailed on the swap. I was a little disappointed to find out that one of the participants didn’t get her mug in time to share on December, 20, but I know that the postal service is busy during the holiday season. I waited for a couple of weeks to see if the package would show up and I wanted to give the sender the benefit of the doubt, because I know stuff happens, packages disappear, or are delayed.

However, I did get a little mad when I reached out to her repeatedly and got no response whatsoever. Turns out, she also didn’t share the mug that she received either and I sadly, after many attempts,  had to come to the conclusion that she took advantage of my swap and probably snagged a mug but didn’t bother sending anything herself.  Who does that? Of course, I made sure that the person who didn’t get her mug wasn’t left out in the cold, but I am quite disappointed by the audacity.

Anyway, I hope everybody else who participated this year enjoyed their mugs and goodies. There were a total of 8 7 participants this year (including myself!) and it’s been a real pleasure to host again and to see so many people join in the holiday swap fun! To you, I want to say, thank you again for being such amazing swap buddies and for sending stuff on time and making sure that everybody got a sweet treat in the mail this holiday season! You’re all awesome!

My swap partner Stefanie knocked it out of the park with her package. Not only did she pick out a beautiful Colorado mug that I love (!) and have already used quite a bit over the holidays, but she also included some yummy German goodies that were much appreciated. The best part of her package though was a framed, personalized cross-stitch artwork showing me and Jon and the California Capitol. So sweet! I love it so much and we already found a spot for it on the shelf in our living room.


Here are the other mugs + goodies what were swapped:

Rachel /  Tanja / Penny / 
Kristen / Dani / Stefanie

I tagged the recipients of these mugs in the caption, not the sender. Maybe you’ll find a new blog or a new Instagram account you’ll like to follow along.

Thanks again for signing up and making this year’s Secret Santa Mug Swap such a success. 

  1. That was a douche move on that bloggers’ part, that’s really kind of you and considerate to make sure the one gal that didn’t get hers got something in the end from you.
    Would have loved to have partaken, but of course, you know that I complained the previous year just how costly it was.

    Everyone got a nice haul, though. :)

    Happy New Years, Sandra!

  2. I had so much fun sending and receiving a package – thanks for hosting!!!

  3. I am so mad someone didn’t send their partner the stuff. That makes me seriously angry. But I’m glad you had a good turn out otherwise, it looks like everyone’s goodies were pretty darn cute! I love the cross stitch piece your partner made for you, so cute!!

  4. That’s horrible someone got a mug and didn’t send anything – or even reach out! Some people are just rude. I’m glad everyone else had fun with the swap though, and it looks like you all got some fun goodies. I love that cross stitch!!


  5. That mug is perfect for the season and what a sweet cross-stitched portrait of you guys. I love secret Santa swaps!

  6. how fun – love the recap of all the mugs swapped! :) i thought i had signed up, but maybe i was filling out the form in my head. LOL – anyway, maybe next year. :)

  7. I always love seeing your recap mug swap posts. You received a cute mug this year.
    What a mean move of that blogger. I’ve participated on a secret Santa swap a couple years bag and never got mine from my partner. It really sucks and I didn’t participate this year in fear of having another negative experience. I really don’t get why people do that. Have some decency.

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