25: A Snapshot of my Thanksgiving Day (11/24/2022 around 8 pm)

I am doing NaBloPoMo this month. 30 blog posts in 30 days. Come join me. #nablopomo2022

The time I woke up: bright and early at 7:00 a.m.

First thing I did after I woke up: I got dressed to head out for the 29th annual Run to Feed the Hungry Turkey Trot around the neighborhood. I had signed up for the 10k because it starts about 45 minutes earlier than the 5k and there are more runners than walkers on the course. It makes for a lot less swerving around people, although I really think it’s awesome that so, so many people come out for the Turkey Trot every year, young and old, walkers and runners. I even saw a lady completing the 5k with a walker and I was so impressed and gave her the thumbs up!

My Mom, who’s an avid walker, would have loved this event and I wish I could have participated with her. It’s such an awesome way to start Thanksgiving Day every year, and I was excited to run the actual race again, not just the virtual option.

Today’s weather: Cold, but sunny. It was only 39F/4C when I headed out, but the sun was rising and it was in fact perfect turkey-trotting weather. (Yes, I am wearing three layers, even if it doesn’t look like it in the photo.)

An out-of-the-ordinary thing that happened today: we live right in the center of the Turkey Trot loop through our neighborhood, so both cross streets at the end of our street are always blocked off for a couple of hours on Thanksgiving morning. Jon had offered to drive me to the starting line of the race in the morning because it was so cold outside, but I told him he couldn’t because we couldn’t get out of our street by car. So I ended up walking to the starting line – which was really okay, as a) it was just a little over a mile up the road and b) a good warm-up walk for me before the race.

Last thing I read (not on the Internet): I am still working on the Outlander series. My reading updates have been pretty “boring” for months. I am currently on book 5 and have 4 more books to go.

Last thing I read (on the Internet): Feedly. Catching up on your blogs. It’s been such a joy to read so much from so many of you this month. Thank you for showing up for NaBloPoMo in such big numbers.

Last website I visited: GetPocket.com (looking for a bookmarked recipe. Where do you keep your bookmarked recipes?)

Last show I watched: Sister Wives. I used to watch it years ago, then kinda lost interest, but now I am back on the bandwagon and there is so much drama. I mean, I am not surprised. I always found the concept of plural marriage fascinating, but ultimately unsustainable. (Topic for another day.)

Last thing I said: I am so stuffed, but that was delicious.

Last thing I ate: apple pie with whipped cream.

What I was doing an hour ago: digesting our Thanksgiving dinner. We cooked ourselves a feast of turkey breast, mushroom gravy, gnocchi, apple celery stuffing, and green beans.

What I will be doing an hour from now: reading on the couch.

Current whereabouts of other members of the household: Jon is on the other couch next to me and we’re enjoying the fake fireplace. I am trying to talk myself into believing that it emits actual heat. Ha.

One thing I crossed off my to-do list today: I started working on a holiday to-do list and got a Black Friday Groupon deal for the holiday cards that I still have to order. At least, I could take advantage of a good deal on the cards, even though I am still unprepared to actually order them. Ha. Chipping away on to-do-list items in very tiny bits over here.

What was one thing that you crossed off your to-do list?

  1. Happy Thanksgiving! I love reading about your holiday traditions.

    What do you think of the Outlander series? I read the first book but then never picked up any of the others.

    1. Thanks for stopping by again, friend :) I always love when you pop by!

      You cannot ask me about the Outlander series, I am way too biased, as it is my favorite book (series) EVER. For the longest time, I even refused to watch the TV series, because I was so in love with the books and was afraid it would ruin it for me. A lot of people don’t like the length of the book (and the story gets deep and tedious in later books), but I love EVERYTHING abbout it.

  2. Your Thanksgiving sounds LOVELY. I am thankful that we were able to host my in laws, it was a lovely day. Crossed off my list? Christmas cards, which are ridiculous. I need to write about them I think. Blog fodder!

    1. Sounds like you had a very lovely Thanksgiving yourself – and I just read your post about the Christmas Cards, haha. It makes for a good story! ;)

  3. We decorated our Christmas tree! But I still have to decorate the rest of the house and put up the outdoor lights.
    Your Thanksgiving meal sounds yummy- I was wondering what those round things were- oh, gnocchi!
    It probably felt great to run a 10k before all the eating began. Our Turkey Trot doesn’t have that option- it’s just a 5k. But it was fun!

    1. So happy to hear you enjoyed your 5k Turkey Trot – I think most Turkey Trots are only 5k, not sure why we have the 10k option (but I didn’t want to be between all the casual walkers ;)).

      Good for you for putting the tree up already!

  4. I love this snapshot and your Thanksgiving sounds delightful. I am trying to motivate myself to send holiday cards. I love receiving them and as I get older, I appreciate the fact that in order to have friendships, I need to maintain them. And, as silly as it may sound, holiday cards help!

    1. Holiday cards DO HELP!! I hope you signed up for my Christmas Cards exchange… it’s the best part of the holidays (ok, one of the best parts ;)).

  5. That sounds wonderful! I am so glad you got to do your run this year!

    I crossed a couple of gifts off my list! Hooray.

    1. Yay for getting ahead on the gift list!

  6. Happy thanksgiving. I love. your thanksgiving reads every year. Are they the reason we are hosting a friendsgiving… good be.
    I warted to get my christmas shopping done too but as of now no time, no idea… I guess all the good deals pass me this year.

    1. It’s so wonderful that you organized a Friendsgiving this year, Tobia… and what a successful event it was :) Made me smile!!

  7. You can’t beat being able to walk to the start line! There are a couple of races that I held in my town and I always enjoyed that perk.

    Your feast looks delicious and I think ima need to check out Sister Wives.

    1. Yes! It’s awesome to walk to the starting line of a race… the California International Marathon (CIM) also goes through my neighborhood on Sunday, so I can go watch. Kinda awesome!

      Haha, if you need some “unnecessary” drama in your life, yes, go watch Sister Wives (and then come talk to me LOL)

  8. I love the thought of someone completing the walk with a walker. What a spirit!

    1. Right? That lady made my day!

  9. Love that people of all abilities show up at events like this – it really inspires us all and fills me heart full to see it!

    Also, your Thanksgiving feast looks absolutely delicious. Every part of it has me screaming YUM (after I’ve just had a supper of mini Naan bread, hummus, and deli ham; not anywhere close to the same category of yum).

    1. It was truly wonderful to see all the people that came out for the turkey trot!

      Thank you – our dinner was indeed very YUM :)

  10. If I did nothing else on Black Friday, I also ordered my holiday cards! Solidarity!

    1. Yes!!! One thing checked off our lists!

  11. I also ordered my holiday cards. When I saw that last year I did it a whole month earlier I felt a little unprepared but I think they will come in time to make it to everyone.

    1. Yay for ordering the holiday cards… I think you just made the cut-off. I always tell myself I need to get on it a little earlier because of the cards that need to go overseas. I am sure you’re in the same boat.

  12. Looks like a great day! Holiday card ordering is on my list of things to do today…. I love having them, but I don’t really love ordering them! I have such a hard time narrowing down the choices and the photos to use… ha.

    1. Did you get your holiday cards ordered? ;)

  13. Your holiday sounded wonderful! I did a 10k, too. It is a nice way to start a day that can include some heavy eating!!!

    1. Yes! A 10k is a great start to the holiday… I am glad you got to run this year, too ;)

  14. What a lovely Thanksgiving! I love that you chose to do Snapshot on Thanksgiving evening. So cozy!

  15. Oh, what a nice day!
    I am intrigued by your addition of gnocchi to your Thanksgiving feast (and it is a feast!). Is that a tradition in your house? Also? I love that you can see *actual mushrooms* in your gravy, vs. the usual veggie-absent versions that seem to be quite common. :)

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