Currently | December

LOVING | the absolutely awesome Boston Red Sox mug that I got through the #secretsantamugswap2018 (and I am hoping to share all the other mugs what were exchanged soon!)

ENJOYING | all the Christmas lights and decorations in our neighborhood.

EATING | Christmas cookies. I am on a serious sugar-overload this week. (I usually don’t eat that many sweets, but I am making an exception, because hey, it’s Christmas.)

DRINKING | pots, and pots of tea. 

WATCHING | holiday movies. I have been opting for more not-so-conventional movies this year. I watched “Family Man”, “Fred Claus”, and a handful of holiday movies on the Hallmark Channel (thanks to my friend Tanja – ha!) as well as a Classic that is always played in Germany for Christmas (“Sissi”).

READING | Heart Berries by Terese Marie Mailhot. 

HOPING | that you all had some good times with your family and friends over the holidays, and

WISHING | I could have hugged some of mine.

FEELING FRUSTRATED | by the government shutdown and the fact that hard-working federal employees pay the price for the dysfunction in the White House, but also

TRYING TO BE THANKFUL | for an extended Christmas holiday and the fact that J and I will be ok through this shutdown (others are not that lucky).

What’s going on with you currently? 

  1. Ugh, I hate that you are dealing with another government shut down. It just sucks so much. I hope that once the Dems take control of the house they can get a funding bill passed but then Trump will probably just veto it anyways. I wish enough republicans would screw their ends on straight so they could get enough votes to overrule his veto. Spending money on the wall is just THE WORST IDEA EVER. Ugh, it just makes me SO MAD.

    I’m currently tired of the sickness that is going around. Paul and I had the stomach flu over the weekend and it took me days to get my appetite back. And now Phil is sick with a different bug. I’m really hoping Paul and I don’t catch it! Other than that, I’m kind of sad about how lame Paul’s first Christmas was. he won’t remember it so it’s not a big deal but it was just a very quiet Christmas since we stayed home due to the flu. We didn’t put a tree up this year since Paul gets into everything now that he’s crawling. So it just did not feel like Christmas. :( But we’ll celebrate with Phil’s mom this weekend and with my parents later in January so I guess we’ll just get a belated dose of Christmas spirit.

  2. This government shutdown is awful (especially at the holidays!) and I’m sorry you’re affected by it! I’m glad you’ll be okay, though. Just makes me sad how many families are struggling right now due to this shutdown. UGH.

  3. I’m so sorry about the damn shutdown, it makes me so angry. But I’m glad you and J are doing ok right now. And I’m with you on eating all the holiday cookies. Gonna step up my workouts very shortly here, lol!

  4. Love the mug! I gave a similar one to my wife Robin for Christmas; it celebrates their World Series win. And, like you, I’m drinking endless cups of tea while admiring holiday lights and decorations. Glad your holiday is going well. Sad about the govt shutdown.

  5. The government shutdown is unbelievably frustrating, but I can’t even begin to imagine what’s going on in the heads and hearts of those truly impacted this holiday season. I’m glad you guys are okay, and that you were hopefully able to enjoy a few extra days outside of the office this season <3 I love your mug! I thought it was a candle at first (guess I need to get my eyes reexamined after all, ha!). Glad you are enjoying the cookies and decorations this year–me too! Also I've never heard of Sissi!!

  6. The whole Government shut-down makes me furious! But not just with the White House! I think there are far too many career politicians who should be sent home. Term limits are needed for all these millionaires in both Congress and the Senate!
    There’s too much politics and not enough people actually working for you and me in Washington.
    Love the mug, and enjoy the treats!

  7. Just wanted to stop in to wish you a very happy and healthy new year!! Xoxo

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