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I love all the gift guides and wish lists that are popping up around the blogosphere around this time. I love browsing for ideas and seeing what’s on other people’s wish list.

I’ve never officially done a Holiday Gift Guide on this blog before, but I have shared Christmas wish lists in the past and I thought I’d do that again this year.

J and I haven’t really exchanged gifts in the past, or it’s something that we both wanted (like new iPhones) or an experience that we decided to “give each other for Christmas”. In all honesty, we would have done it either way, but for some reason declaring it Christmas gifts always has a bit more magic to it, doesn’t it?

Christmas is by no means all about the gifts (although it might often seem that way), and I feel that the most important thing about the holidays is spending time with family and friends (if that’s possible), but I personally also love the gift-giving. I wish I was someone who would completely forego the Christmas shopping madness, but I also have to admit that I love shopping for small gifts for my family and friends around this time of year and I equally enjoy putting a little wish list together for myself.

Although for me, it is more about the gesture and thoughtfulness behind the gift than the actual monetary value.

My biggest wish – as always – would be to go home for the holidays, but since this won’t be happening (for the fifth year in a row – womp, womp!), I am going to fill my holiday season with all the holiday cheer I can get my hands on. Sharing a little wish list of pretty (and functional!) things that would be lovely to have is one way to do this. Some of them are totally reasonable and maybe in my future budget, some are just things that caught my eye, but  which I probably won’t get (right now or ever). Some might be a gift inspiration for you. Who knows?

1. Ogio Purse // 2. Food Storage Containers // 3. Seafoam Letterboard //
4. Running hoodie // 5.  Herschel coin purse // 6. Resistence bands //
7. Lotta from Stockholm Pandora Black Chelsea Boots // 8. Giftcards //
9. Kitchenaid Glas Bowl // 10. Hydro Flask //


1. I randomly came across this Ogio Purse online and it had really good reviews and I’ve been looking for a casual, yet nice looking cross-body bag. 

2. I’ve been looking to replace some of my plastic containers with glass container and these food storage containers have great reviews and are air-tight and leak-proof. 

3. Can you believe I am one of the few (?) people who don’t have a letterboard yet? Well, this seafoam letterboard caught my eye, because it’s such a pretty color.

4. Baby, it’s cold outside and I think I could use another warm running hoodie.

5. I have a small coin purse that holds some cards and cash, which I use for travel, but it’s slowly but surely falling apart and this Herschel coin purse looks like a great replacement.

6. I’ve been thinking about investing in some resistence bands to use for some strength training at home.

7. These Lotta from Stockholm Pandora Black Chelsea Boots caught my eye on Instagram and since I had to sadly return the boots that I got last year in Germany (the sole came off prematurely), I’ve been looking for a replacement.

8. Giftcards are always a good idea if you don’t know what to get someone for Christmas. I used to think that gift cards are a cop-out, but they actually beat any random gift that was bought just in order to have something in hand.

9. There is a new Kitchenaid model that comes with a hobnail bowl and I am so in love. Unfortunately, the hobnail bowl doesn’t seem to be available by iteself (and I already own the Kitchenaid mixer), so I am opting for a glass bowl for my wish list instead.

10. I’ve been thinking about replacing some of my Nalgene bottles with a stainless steel bottles and the Hydro Flask looks like it would be a great choice.

What’s on your wish list? Did you publish your own? (Leave me a link to it in the comments!)

  1. I love seeing what’s on others’ wish lists! We have really really cut back on gifts in my family. Phil and I haven’t exchanged gifts in a couple of years and my parents stopped getting us gifts (at our suggestion) and instead sponsor a family. Gifts is the dead last love language for both Phil and me so at least we are on the same page about gifts! I have a hard time coming up with ideas of what I want as I tend to buy thing I want/need throughout the year. Phil’s mom still buys us gifts, though, so I have to come up with a few ideas for her. The only thing I could think of this year was an electric blanket as I wore out the one she gave me 2 years ago! I know she is getting me the book Becoming by Michelle Obama, though! I thought she should give that to her but Phil had to spill the beans and let me know that she had already purchased it for me. The best gift I’m giving this year is a calendar we made on Shutterfly with photos of Paul. She’s going to love it!

  2. I’m publishing my wishlist post next week! It’s always so much fun to see what people are eyeing for Christmas. The gift-giving around Christmastime can be stressful, but I really love choosing thoughtful gifts for the people on my list.

  3. I love gift guides and wish lists – it’s always fun to see what people share, and it’s definitely given me ideas before. I hope you can get some of these things soon, even if its not an official Christmas gift. I also do not have a letter board though, and I’d love one!


  4. There are so many good things on this list. I love that little coin purse and those food prep containers would be so useful. I really want to get a letter board, but I have a feeling I’d get myself in trouble by putting obscenities on it. lol

  5. I don’t have a letterboard either, but I want one :)

  6. I’m planning to swap out all my old plastic food storage stuff for glassware too. I really need to invest in some better options to help me pack my lunch, which is a thing I promised I’d do more of this year.

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