28: Holiday Card Roll Call


Who is ready for the holiday season? NOT ME!

I mean, I am always ready for it in general (I love the holidays!), but I am so not prepared this time around.

But there is no use complaining, Christmas will be here in about 4 weeks, if we’re ready or not.

So I’ll better get organized and you know what that means: I need to get my holiday address list in order. It’s time for my annual roll call.

If you have been a long time reader of my blog, you know that every year for the last – oh, gazillion – years, I have gathered the addresses of my readers, so I can send you a little note in the mail for the holidays. It’s just a little gesture to give back to each and every one of you lovely people.

All you have to do is sign up here.*

If you have received cards from me in previous years, I’d kindly ask you to fill out the form anyway, so I can keep better track of any address changes.

I am also not opposed to receiving holiday cards myself, ahem, so if you’re also sending out cards and would like to reciprocate, let me know and I’ll send you my new address as well.

I hope you’ll have a lovely holiday season!

* Sign-up form open until December 10th.

  1. This may be the sweetest thing I’ve seen anyone do in the blogging world! What a kind gesture!

  2. Send me your new address!!

  3. I love this. There’s something special when you have something tangible from someone you admire. Merry Christmas to you, San.

  4. I just ordered my cards today! I’ll definitely send you one :) I love cards!

  5. Ich finde das jedes Jahr wieder etwas wahnsinnig schönes und bin immer auf die aktuelle Karte gespannt! :) die hängt dann jeweils bis zur nächsten an der Pinnwand :-*

  6. Please send me your new address, San. I have already sent your card to your old address, and I hope it will find you. Please let me know if it does! Sending Christmas Joy & Hugs! <3

  7. We exchanged addresses right? I’m kind of out of sorts since I’ve been away. hah I hope to get my cards this weekend and start sending those out. :)


  8. I love this. I keep saying I’m disgusted that people don’t do holiday cards like they used to. Why not?! Who doesn’t love to get fun mail instead of bills and advertisements you recycle anyways?!

  9. Such a lovely idea and I am looking forward to your card. My mailbox always appreciates the few snail mail ones finding its way there.
    Happy holiday season, Tobia

  10. Ahh, I missed the deadline I guess but maybe maybe you could send one anyways??
    And I’d love your new address to return one.


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