14: Five Pet Peeves

How about another round of pet peeves, friends? I always like to share the things that drive me up the wall, haha, and I always like to hear what other people find really hard to understand or endure.

1. Non-voters. I just read that the midterm elections had a record voter turnout of 49.2%. ONLY 42.9% – that’s not even half of all eligible voters. WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?

2. People who don’t help to bag groceries when there are lines at the checkout (or even when there are no lines). They stand there with their arms crossed watching the poor clerk try to ring up and bag up the groceries while not lifting a finger. I want to know, what’s your deal?

3. Along the same line, grocery baggers that don’t know how to bag groceries. I usually have a pretty good system down when it comes to bagging my groceries and it’s hard to watch people, that should be trained for this job, bag very inefficiently. They pile the heaviest things in the biggest bags, they put the eggs on the bottom of your shopping bag, or they don’t maximize the space but just throw stuff into the bag. I use more of a tetris-kinda approach.

4. People who don’t make eye contact when they talk to you.  I know some people are just shy or socially awkward, but it’s so hard to keep a conversation when they’re not looking at you. Alternatively, there are some people who don’t break eye-contact at all when they talk to you and that can be equally awkward.

5. Drivers that don’t stop at stop signs when entering traffic from a side street or from a parking lot. I can’t tell you how many times I have almost gotten hit by a car when trying to cross in front of them when I was out running because drivers just roll through the stop line. They’re busy looking to the left watching for cars, but they never look to the right to watch for pedestrians. It’s not a yield sign, it’s a freakin’ stop sign and you’re supposed to stop.  

Your turn. Share one of your pet peeves with me. 

  1. Oh yeah, some people are the worst when it comes to stop signs. You really have to pay attention to the cars because they aren’t always paying attention to you!


  2. Ha, I hate when people don’t bother to help bagging their stuff. It should be common sense start bagging while the cashier is ringing up your items…. And don’t always forget to bring your reusable bags or buy a bag for only 1 or 2 items!!!

    The cashiers at Aldi, at least here in SoCal, are the worst. They have been “trained” to place the items back into the card right after ringing them up. However, They are so fast (no chance for me to start bagging right then) and no one pays attention to what and where they “throw” the stuff. Most of my Christmas cookies broke during my last shopping trip to Aldi……

    Well, a minimum of 2 month driving school should be mandatory to everybody – that’s all!!!

    1. Same here @ Aldi’s! I’ve asked to exchange canned beans after the cashier dented them by tossing them in the cart. Someone told me the cashiers get timed between the first and last item they ring up, so maybe that is the problem.

  3. Non voters for sure.

    Also, slow walkers, anyone who makes gross mouth noises, and drivers who don’t use their turn signal!

  4. People that don’t refill the kettle after finishing the water in the office kitchen.

    People that don’t get hints. At all. Not even very loud not-so-subtle-hints.

    People that think the festive season is a reason to get together and catch up despite the fact you have nothing in common. And haven’t seen them since LAST year.

    I sound horribly grumpy but that is pet peeve list right now.

  5. I’m with you on non-voters! Just vote people, come on! And at the grocery store, my pet peeve is people who use the self check out for their ENTIRE grocery trip. They have no reason to go through the short line with so much stuff! It makes the rest of us there for a quick trip extremely frustrated!

  6. One of my pet peeves is people who don’t leash their dogs. It’s a law, and it serves a purpose because most people are not as in control of their pet as they think they are. Also, clean up after the dog.

  7. Yes, I am with Akaleistar about people not leashing their dogs. I do live in the country and we allow our pups free run on our property, which is well over an acre of land.
    But we have people that go to the Town Beach below us with their dogs that are unleashed. And they come up here. And chase my little dachshunds!
    (They must cross a road, and go up a big hill to get to our property! And my dogs do not go down that hill and across the street to the beach.)
    A big Pit Bull chased one of our dogs down! I went running out the door with a baseball bat, as he had her by the throat!
    Pet Peeve and scary!

  8. Always loving those post.
    Totally with you on the non-voter thing as well as the check-out line thing even though here you have to bag yourself. But why do some people wait to pay before they start packing?!

  9. OMG NUMBER 2. WHY DO PEOPLE JUST STAND THERE?! I’ve actually said out loud to the checkout clerk when the previous people who were checking out are still nearby, “I JUST DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHY PEOPLE DO NOT HELP YOU WITH BAGGING THEIR GROCERIES. SO RUDE.” Lol true story. Can’t help it. They are rude.

    I will tell you what drives me up the wall, when my child has pooped in his diaper, sticks his hand down there and then says “hand.” Yes kid, now there is s*** all over your hand. (He did this today in the morning to his dad.) So gross.

  10. As someone with social anxiety, I just want to say something about #4 in the hopes you can give us a little grace. :) It is nearly impossible for me to make eye contact with people when I’m talking. I need to look a little to the left to be able to formulate my thoughts and follow the conversation. Maintaining eye contact makes me forget everything I’m saying! That said, I try to catch their eyes a few times while I’m talking and I can maintain eye contact (for the most part) when they are talking, but it’s really not something we can help. The other things on this list CAN be helped, but maintaining eye contact is not one of them.

    Don’t even get me STARTED on non-voters. My brother has never voted in his life and doesn’t care to. He’s all, “Well, did so-and-so person lose by one vote? No? Well, I guess it doesn’t matter!” WHICH ISN’T THE POINT UGH. I can’t get through to him. It’s so frustrating.

  11. Drivers who don’t pay attention to pedestrians, and pedestrian who do not look anywhere else than on their d^&* phone! They keep walking and walking and crossing streets without paying attention!
    Also people who are glued to their smartphones and don’t even bother to stop staring at that screen while having a conversation with you…..really?

  12. The grocery store we go to doesn’t offer bagging and I am so glad they don’t because I’m super picky about it. Or I used to be when I still did our grocery shopping! Now Phil does our grocery shopping because he wasn’t happy with Instacart. I was fine with Instacart because it meant I didn’t have to go grocery shopping but it’s even better to have Phil pick up that chore as Instacart is more expensive than shopping for yourself (but worth the expense if neither person in the couple wants to grocery shop IMO!).

    My biggest pet peeve is people being late. I can excuse it occasionally, especially if they tell me they are running behind. But just showing up late? NOPE.

  13. OMG, the grocery bagging! I honestly *prefer* to bag my own groceries because I know how I want stuff packed and I will always, always cram more stuff into my reusable bags than anyone else will, but it drives me crazy when people feel like they’re too good to pack up their own stuff. Ridiculous.

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