I did it!

november 7, 2006 - day 47I had my Green Card Interview at the American Consulate in Frankfurt this morning. Wow, I was so nervous.
I got up at 3 a.m. after about 4 hours of not-so-sound sleep. My Dad and I left around 4 a.m. – it’s a 2,5 hour-drive to the Embassy in Frankfurt from here. I checked about three times if I had all the required documents that I needed.
We got to the Consulate at 6:45 a.m. – still 45 minutes before my actual appointment time. There were already about 15-20 people waiting in front of the entrance [= very typical situation].
My Dad and I had some coffee in the car [we had brought a thermos flask] and at 7 a.m. got in line as well. My Dad was allowed to accompany me into the building. I had to show my passport and appointment letter at the entrance booth. Then we went through security [it’s pretty much like at the airport!].

I received a number and had to sit down in the atrium until my number was called. At the intake window I had to turn in my passport, a completed application form and a passport-type photo. I had gotten my photo taken a few weeks ago at a local photo shop and I thought they were so ugly, because there are certain requirements for immigrant visas now [like “full-face photo including the hair, showing both ears, facing the camera directly… etc.], but thought there was nothing I could do about it. When I handed the lady one of the photos, she told me that she could not accept it. It had a light-blue background and part of my head was cut off. I had to obtain new photos [which, in fact, looked a lot nicer!] from an automatic photo-machine within the building. I was so pissed and I am definitely going back to the photo shop where I had my picture taken originally and tell them what I think of them for making me pay for photos that I couldn’t even use. I would only be half as upset, if they hadn’t pretended like they knew the new photo requirements for immigrant visas by heart. Morons!

When my number was called again, I had to go to another window for the checking of my documents. The lady was extremely nice [and so was the lady at the intake window] and I started to calm down a bit, even though I was still nervous about the actual “interview”. She went over all my documents with me and gave me some information about what’s going to happen next. Then I was asked to take a seat again until the consular officer summoned me for the formal visa interview.

The first two parts of the process had been in German and I was told that the interview was going to be in English. Fine – no problem here. I was still kind of nervous what the interview would be like. When I was finally called to the window, the consular officer [clearly an American] addressed me in German. He asked me to solemnly swear that all the statements which appear in the submitted documents are true and complete to my best knowledge and belief… [blabla]. He also had me sign one of the documents and then took my fingerprints. When we were done with that, I thought he’s going to start the interview… but he didn’t ask me a single question. He told me that my case was complete and that I was all set. They’d be going to send me the passport and the documents in the mail in the next few days [remember, all in German!]. I was somewhat baffled.
So that was it? No questions for documents as proof of an ongoing relationship? No questions about my husband’s habits and preferences? Nothing. Nada.
I was almost disappointed that I couldn’t show off all the photos of Jon and I and other documents that I had brought along ;)

But, all joking aside, I was beyond happy that it was over and that everything went so smoothly! When I enter the US, I will become a permanent resident and will be able to enter and leave the country as I please. Wow, this is going to be such a relieving feeling :) I will be able to apply for a job right away and the actual green card will be sent to me by mail. Bureaucracy is over [at least for the next two years!]

So we were in and out of the Consulate building within 2,5 hours. That’s pretty quick, I’d say. We got back home around 1 p.m. and after a small lunch, I took a 2-hour nap. I was tired and relieved and slept like a baby :)

Thanks to all of you who thought about me today and who have been crossing their fingers for the last couple of weeks and months. It was all worth it. *smooches*

  1. I am so happy for you!! Oh mann, ich hab immer noch Gaensehaut! This is soooooo great!!! Congratulations!!!

  2. Congrats San. Such wonderful and relieving news.


  3. YAY!!! That is so awesome…so glad it was easier and smoother than you expected. This stuff is so nerve-wracking!
    Congrats on reaching another milestone and being that much closer to finally being with your honey! :D

  4. Congrats! That is great news! :)

  5. you made my cry! i am sooo relieved! gosh that is so awesome!! i crossed my fingers for you and it worked. yeah! cant believe the “non” interview. so awesome! gosh you should have a party! so when is your flight? cant wait to come and see you and jon!!!! big hug and love ya

  6. I’m so happy for you!!! Congrats :-)

  7. this is amazing news!!! i’m so happy for you!

  8. YEAH.. Congrats sweetie!! Your blog was the first I had to read this morning so I could see if there was good news!

  9. Oh San, this is the greatest news! I am so so happy for you! What a relieve!

  10. Congrats!!!! Isn’t that the greatest feeling ever!!!! You deserve it so much!!!

  11. Ohhhh I’m sooo happy for you!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!

  12. i am so happy for you! finally made it! :)

  13. This is fantastic! I’m so glad that it went smoothly and that you’ll soon be US bound!

  14. awesome, girl! i am so happy for you. november 2006 totally ROCKS for us! HDGDL and i’ll talk to you tonight? :) *smooch*

  15. HA! I remember being worried about questions about the preferences…from that silly movie Green Card. Too funny. I remember telling the ex “if anyone actually knows some of these details, uhm, they KNOW something is up” because, by God, I had no clue what the name of his toothpaste was and such.
    In my interview it was really easy going, probably because it was in hawaii.:) They only wanted to see that we had a joint bank account and they asked some questions about our families…the only odd question was when the officer turned to my husband and said “So, why her?” which left the man who doesn’t wear his heart on his sleeve a bit flustered saying “well, just look at her, can’t you see?” It was very cute….he did come up with a better reason than that.

    YAY!! It’s over for you!!!

  16. Peeeewww, what a relief! And I have to admit, I got a little teary eyed over here… Well, everything you guys have waited for so long is finally coming true.

    All the best to you, sweets!

  17. I am VERY VERY VERY happy for you. I cant believe it. SO happy for you, really :-)

  18. Congrats! Glad it went so smoothly. I’m excited for you! :D Just two weeks, that’s so soon!

  19. WoW! I stopped by for SPF and end up engrossed in this post. Thanks for sharing and congrats. Sounds like it was not as hard as you expected.

  20. wow! thats great! congratulations!!!! (i know i am a bit late)

  21. Na das ging ja supi!!! Genauso war auch unser Interview hier in Portland. Nicht eine Frage..und spaeter fragt man sich selbst, warum man eigentlich so nervoes war.
    Glueckwunsch !!! *hug*

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