Monthly Favorites | June

1. Have you heard of The Skimm? I get their daily emails and it’s been a great way to start my days! I wish I could use the app, it looks pretty handy, but they charge for the subscription, so I am sticking with the emails right now.

2. I think I saw this recommended by someone on their blog (can’t remember who it was. Was it you?) and decided to give it a try.  The Garnier Fructis Style Pure Clean Detangler + Air Dry is meant to detangle and smooth your hair when you let it air-dry (which I do on the weekends). I have also used it as a leave-in treatment before blow-drying my hair at the gym and I really like it. My hair is very fine, so it doesn’t tolerate heavy products very well, but it’s been handling this just fine (plus, it smells good). 

3. I looove Arugula. I’ll have it in salads, I recently added it to a cooked dinner (just at the very end, so it doesn’t wilt), and I love it on top of pizza. I need to find more ways to eat it though. Maybe just plain by the handful? Don’t mind if I do!

4. Yeah, yeah, even if I am a little grumpy and mostly sad that Germany didn’t make it through the group stage at the FIFA World Cup this year (I don’t even want to talk about it), I love the excitement of the tournament. I haven’t decided who I am going to cheer for now, but I’ll try to catch a few matches of the knock-out stage and then we’ll see who will become the next world champion! 

5. Have you heard of the Pomodoro Technique? I am trying it out at work to get some more uninterrupted, focused work done and the BeFocused app is really helpful (and visually pleasing). 25 minute-blocks of focusing on the task at hand and not looking at email or checking my phone. What’s your strategy to stay focused?

6. I love this Run because I can muscle shirt from Miles & Pace. I actually won this shirt in a Instagram Giveaway. It’s really nice and soft and great for summer running.

7. Here it is, our tiny little Weber Q1000 grill that I’ve been loving these last few weeks. It’s a small, portable camping size, but just perfect for two people. 

What was one of your favorite things this month?

  1. I love the Skimm! I like how even when the news is awful and terrible they can streamline it to make sense. It’s a good way to break things down.

    Arugla on pizza is one of my favorites! It is so delicious!

    I hope you have a great weekend!!

    1. Exactly, Skimm tells you all you need to know without getting the news overload!

  2. Mike swears by the Pomodoro technique!

    1. I knew people use it!

  3. I’ve been loving all the skewer meals we’ve made on the grill. We’ve made shrimp, beef, and chicken skewers and they were all so good! I think the shrimp/pineapple skewers were my fave. And they were the easiest, too.

    1. Grilled skewers are delicious and next on the list!

  4. I pretty only air dry my hair so that detangler sounds awesome. Thanks for the recommendation. I saw that Germany lost, and I immediately thought of you! I’m sorry, but have fun rooting on the final teams! :)


    1. Oh thanks for thinking of me when my team got eliminated… it was pretty sad :(

  5. I love arugula too. Try a salad with chips of Parmesan cheese and tomatoes, only add balsamic vinegar (pure), salt, pepper and some pine kernels (?). It’s pretty delicious.

    I need to check out the time management app. I am usually pretty good at organizing my schedule but when task come that I am overwhelmed with I tend to procrastinate. Maybe this helps.

    Oh and let’s not talk about Germans last games…

    Happy weekend

    1. That salad sounds delicious. Thanks for the recommendation.

      Yeah, and let’s not talk about the World cup…

  6. That Garnier product sounds intriguing! I’m going to give it a try. My hair usually air dries just fine (with a slight wave), but I never really like the way it feels, if that makes sense.

    1. It makes sense… I air-dry my hair on the weekends because it’s not really great for the hair to blow dry it all the time, but it does have a weird feel to it.

  7. You know, I used to subscribe to the Skimm but haven’t received their emails in ages. Thanks for the reminder! Will have to resubscribe (which I never do, but I loved those!).

    I love arugula. One of my favorite ways to eat it (hear me out, this is delish!) is in a cold summer salad with 1 zucchini (put it through your zoodler), a dash of pepper and garlic, parmesan cheese, cherry tomatoes, and a squeeze of lemon. I dunno what it is about this combination, but it is heavenly. Even MORE delicious with a hearty slice of bread :) Yum!

    1. Tha sounds delicious. Thanks for recommending it.

  8. I’m on the arugula boat too – I love it! The Skimm is one of the best ways to get news and I love that it’s quick and brief and gives me enough to know what’s going on without drowning me in sadness. And the pomodoro technique is great! I really should do it more often, but every time I use it helps me focus on the task at hand, rather than bouncing all over the place.

    1. The Skimm truly is the best way to stay on top of the news without being smothered by it.

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