January Favorites


1.) I am not using a lot of eye makeup on a daily basis (or ever), but I really love the Wet’n’Wild Eye Shadow Trios (especially this one called “Sweet As Candy”). It tells you (the makeup-illiterates like me) which color goes where on your eye lid and the best thing is: it’s super-affordable (and lasts forever and ever).

2.) The  Scannable App belongs to Evernote (which I LOVE!) and makes it extremely easy to scan documents, save them in your Evernote App or email them to yourself (or someone else). The app automatically identifies the dimensions of your document, so there is no cumbersome cropping in your photo app necessary anymore.  Bonus point: this app is free.

3.) GIRLS Season 4 on HBO is back and I couldn’t be more excited. I think that people either love or hate this series, but I fall in the first camp. Sure, this show might be extreme or exaggerated in some parts, but I also think looking back, it kind of reflects how somewhat immature and aimlessly wondering we still are in our 20’s. There is so much to figure out about life and about ourselves. I don’t know, maybe you disagree, but I quite enjoy the show.

4.) I found these cute Star Yoga Pants in the clearance aisle at Target (maybe that’s why I can’t find them online), the junior’s department to be exact. I just had to have them. Please tell me, you’re also still shopping in the junior’s department, right?

5.) I saw this Stabilo 88 Mini Color Wallet online somewhere and since a) I love Stabilo Fine Liners, b) it’s a German brand, and c) I am obsessed with color-coding, they were the perfect addition to my planner asseccories (next to washi-tape and stickers). They’re half the size of the regular Stabilo pens, come in this clear sleeve and you can easily stick them in your purse when you’re on the go.

6.) I’ve got this beautiful wallet as a Christmas gift from my sister-in-law and really like the color and style. It really should mean something that I started using it right away since I hadn’t switched wallets in quite a while. In case you love it, too, and want to know where it’s from, she got it for me in Kazakhstan. Sorry friends.

  1. That wallet is beautiful! I really want and need a new one but I never seem to find one that I like or that has enough pockets!

  2. I still shop in the junior’s department! I’m sad that Target is leaving Canada, I always find such great things there!

  3. I agree the wallet is cute. I hate shopping for new ones…
    I also love the star pants – obviously. And I have a big thing for Stabilo Fineliner. In school I had a system for marking my texts with them because it looks much more clean than going through with a highlighter. That reminds me, I should get some new ones…
    Happy Sunday to you, Tobia

  4. Those pens look amazing!! And I love makeup for dummies. I never understood it until I saw a diagram. No wonder I never could get my eye shadow right!

  5. I’m totally into Girls!! I’ve seen the first two seasons and just ordered season 3. Eeeee!! Loving your pens too! I am also a color coding nerd child. I’ve been thinking of you a lot lately….sending truck loads of hugs and love your way!

  6. :D LOVE stabilo markers it never knew they made them in half sizes. So cool!

  7. ih that wallet truly is lovely! good pick by the sister-in-law :)

  8. I, too, love to color code. Thank you for reminding me of the Stabilo pens. I have not bought any recently and really should. I used them extensively in high school. :) I also love my old Lamy fountain pen and still use it to this day. I use a refillable cartridge for it. I have to check the scanner app out. I love Evernote and use it daily.

  9. I have a love-hate relationship with Girls. I keep watching to see what happens, but the characters continue to annoy me. Yet I can’t stop watching!

    Looooove the multicolored markers/pens. Oh and I’ve shopped in the junior’s section many, many times. I can’t always find my size in the adult section!!

  10. I love Stabilo pens – guess that’s the German in us, haha. And love the scannable app – so happy it was app of the week recently.
    Love the wallet – I need a new one as well and I really like the size of yours!
    Happy weekend xxx

  11. I wish I could still shop in the junior section, I totally would…

    Love this favorite post!

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