Hello February

A fresh new month. What a surprise. So unexpected. It was a quick January (at least for me) and here we are in February already.

You know what that means right? For us Northern Californians that usually means the first days of sandals weather again. Even if it’s only for a few days. I remember after moving here (so many gazillion years ago), how ‘weird’ it was to be able to wear sandals in February. Now I embrace it.

Anyway, here’s what’s up this month:

+ Next week, we have another ‘opportunity’ for a government shutdown when the continuing resolution (CR) runs out on February, 8th. I am currently taking bets if we’re getting another CR or if they’ll actually pass a budget for the rest of the fiscal year. Also, what about the dreamers?

+ J and I have tickets for Bill Maher’s stand-up show this month. I know people either love him or hate him (and I want to state for the record that I don’t agree with all his opinions), but I generally like him and we usually watch his show (Real Time) on Friday nights.

+ I think that maybe I am getting the hang of that #bulletjournal thing. I mean, I still have ways to go, things to try, layouts to explore, and I have already messed up more than once, but I think I like where this whole thing is going.

+ I am planning to start working on our taxes pretty soon. I am not sure if I have all the tax documents that I need yet, but it never hurts to start getting everything organized. Do you do your taxes early or do you procrastinate?

+ I am planning to pick up my reading again. I should get my Amazon Fire back this weekend, so I won’t have any excuses.

What’s up with you this month?

  1. I try to get my taxes done early in the season too simply because I worked for so many years as an independent contractor and there was just SO much to keep track of. Thanks for the reminder hat I need to call the accountant.

    I’d love to know more about bullet journaling! Let us know how you’re making out and what I’d have to know to get started!

    Yay for sandal weather! We’re getting another cold spell here so sadly none of that for us, whomp!

  2. We never left “Sandal Weather” this Winter….
    However, hubby and I are going to New Mexico for a weekend and their day temperatures are our current night temperatures – not sure if I can handle that :)
    Taxes are always done early in our house! So ‘curious’ how it will be this year, now that we own a house.

  3. I think that’s awesome you’re going to see Bill Maher! I bet that will be a great show! I need to get taxes going too, I think we’re paying in this year, yikes, but the sooner we know what we’re dealing with the better. Have a great weekend!

  4. Yay for bullet journaling. I need to work on mine more – and just my planner in general! I’m glad you’ll be able to get back into reading soon. I read a ton last month, and I love it!


  5. My taxes are usually a mess because of freelance work, and my accountant retired – I think because of my taxes over the years! I’m looking forward to possible job offers in February. Here’s to hoping for a permanent, legit solution for the dreamers to become citizens and an end to stop-gap measures!

  6. We don’t even have all of our documents. Jack does ours and he puts it off until the last week and then it’s craziness around here! Our temperatures plummeted this afternoon down to 4 degrees Fahrenheit! Oh boy, I am looking forward to Spring!
    Not sure about the government. I think they all need to be voted out and a whole new group of people who have more advanced ideas and aren’t becoming rich through special interests , should go to Washington and actually do things!

  7. Early taxes 4evah!!!

    Also, we never really got rid of sandals weather, and I absolutely miss having fall, winter, and spring. Sob!


  8. HA sandel weather. I am still hoping for snow as winter never really came to Berlin and I am still hopeful. I mean it is still winter right. As for taxes… We just handed in 2016. Says it all, right. But we are trying to get better.
    Hope your kindle arrived. What book will you start reading?

  9. OMG we are so far from sandal weather. I ordered new snow boots yesterday!

  10. I’ve been thinking about trying bullet journaling. I would probably have to adapt it to my own style because the randomness of how some people do pages makes me feel chaotic. Also, I would love to see Bill Maher. He cracks me up!

  11. I’m hoping for not shutdown and a plan to protect DACA!

  12. I usually do my taxes early but now that I will be jointly filing with Phil, we will do ours later because some of his compensation is not on a W-2 so we have to wait until he gets that form to file our taxes. I have always gotten a refund so I usually try to file early but Phil often has to pay in so he doesn’t mind waiting until late March.

    I hope the govt can pass an actual budget this week but I don’t have much faith in congress … I really hope they don’t cause another shutdown, though.

  13. Ahh taxes! Seems like everyone is commenting on that because ahhhh! I’m so dreading doing ours.
    Enjoy those sandals! I’m sitting in front of our fire place right now because it’s chilly!

  14. I have become a super early bird when it comes to taxes and mine are already filed AND I’ve already gotten my returns from both state and federal. I used to wait until April, but getting it done early, as soon as all my paperwork is in, is such a good feeling.

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