3: Five things you might not know about me

Last year, I started NaBloPoMo off with a post in which I shared 5 random facts about me. I thought this was especially great to introduce myself to (potential) new readers, if there are any. So, I thought I’d do the same again this year, because why not and because you all like to learn more random facts, right?

1. I wear my watch on my right wrist, even though I am right-handed (for the most part). I feel like I am a bit ambidextrous, to be honest, but I do most things with my right hand.

2. My favorite book of all times is “Outlander” and no, I have not watched the Showtime series. I refuse. Jamie doesn’t look the least bit like the Jamie in my head and Claire does not look like Claire. I know people keep praising the adaptation, but I can’t let the TV series ruin the books for me. Not worth it.

3. Before I took up running, I hated running. Ok, hate might be a bit of a harsh word, but I had NO desire to go for runs. I did run occasionally to keep up a bare minimum level of fitness, but it was not something I loved doing just for fun and there really wasn’t any rhyme or reason to it. I don’t know what changed, but it’s like a switch was flipped one day — which basically makes me believe that anything is possible.

4. I played the recorder in elementary school and I loved it. I have often mentioned here on the blog that I (used to) play the piano and that I miss my piano (which is still at my parents’ house), but it all began with the recorder. Lots of kids started learning the recorder as their first instrument back in the 80’s. Did you? Is this still a thing?

5. I am a numbers nerd. If you can measure it, I want it measured. I guess this is why I am using a Fitbit and Garmin simultaneously (and then try to make sense of the measured differences, ha!). I know the concept of step counting and calorie counting is theoretically bullshit and never ever an exact science, but it doesn’t have to be 100% accurate for me. I just enjoy having a general idea of what I am doing on the daily and it helps me to hold myself accountable. It really is just for me to have fun with, nothing to obsess over.

Tell me a random fact about yourself!

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  1. My random fact is that I don’t have a favorite book. I have many favorite books .. . . I do love Outlander, and did long before it was a series. I’ve only seen the first season. It doesn’t bother me the way they look, although frankly I felt it had too much gratuitous sex, but it seems that’s just me.

    I did learn the recorder . . . and then I taught it to Sunday School kids for a while, too.

    But I seriously HATED running. Had never run a mile , dreaded the Presidents Test, yadda yadda. Until I started to run, of course. Although it continued to be a love/hate relationship for a long time.

    1. I know that many people are bothered by the many sex scenes (in the book an the movie)… and even though I agree they weren’t always necessary, they didn’t really bother me that much ;)

      So glad to hear that the recorder is still a thing :)

  2. I loved the Harry Potter books but have refused to watch the movies for the same reason you haven’t watched the Outlander series. People rave about the HP movies, and I am sure they are good, but I like what I envisioned in my mind! I can’t wait to re-read the HP books when our child is old enough to read them!

    So my husband is right handed but he does a lot of things with his left – like brush his teeth, use the computer mouse, and eat. I think he was probably meant to be left handed as his mom and dad both were. But he must have somehow got pushed to use his right hand? I am right handed but I do deal cards with my left hand!

    We definitely all played recorders when we were around 4th or 5th grade. I must say I hated the sound of the recorder – especially when its played by kids that are new to music. And can be pretty awful sounding!!

    1. That’s funny that you had the same feelings about the HP movies. I have watched those and think they’re well done, but I totally get that you don’t want to spoil the characters in your head! :)

      That’s interesting that Phil is right-handed but does a lot of things with his left hand. If both his parents are left-handed, why would they have pushed him to be right-handed? Maybe he’s also just ambidextrous?

  3. Ha, me! I did play the recorder in elementary school. Did I love it? Not really. But I did like it somewhat. I totally disliked the fact that I had to play Christmas Carols in front of the entire family! *argh Playing the recorder brought me to playing the flute for 8 more years before I gave up on playing instruments and focused more on tennis! But it was (and still is) my dream to walk (or sit on one of the floats) of the Rosenmontagszug in Cologne. Back then I thought playing the flute or better the piccolo in one of the marching bands would help me with that. It never happened. :(
    Love that post of yours.

    1. Oh, I didn’t know yo uplayed the flute hoping to get into the Rosenmontagszug… that is a fun fact to learn about you. Sorry it never happened :(

  4. I didn’t know Outlander was a book too. Who knew? I think I’ll put that in my reading list. Also, I too wear my watch on my right side. It just feels more comfortable that way.

    Have a great weekend!
    The Fitness Bro

    1. Ha, you didn’t know Outlander was a book (series)? That’s funny. Have you watched the show?

  5. My random fact…I love to knit and create wearable art. All three of my kids had a recorder unit in school…I think they were 3rd or 4th grade…so, yes, we got to enjoy that in our house LOL

    1. Oh yay, another knitter friend! Love it.

  6. I also didn’t know that outlander was a book. I’ve watched the first season.
    As for the recorder I first need to figure out what it is but I am sure I didn’t play it. I only gave piano a try but never really got too hooked on music.
    I’ll have a similar post planned for next week so watch out!
    Happy Saturday

    1. Looking forward to your “fun fact”post :)

  7. As an elementary music teacher who teaches 120 students each year how to play the recorder… I am TICKLED to hear that you loved it! I know parents don’t always love it, but a lot of the children do! And yes, recorder is most definitely still a thing. I teach it in 3rd grade to all students and then in 4th grade some of them choose to play a band instrument. Do you still have your recorder? Have a great weekend!

    1. Oh yay, so glad that the recorder is still taught in school :) Love it.
      I still have my recorder, but it’s at my parents’ house in Germany.

  8. I never thought I wanted a fitness tracker because I thought I would’t exercise any more or less by having one. But since having one, I can’t imagine not wearing it everyday now and I am very happy with my purchase!

    1. So glad you’reloving your fitness tracker… I wasn’t sure about it at first either, but then a friend gave me her Fitbit One to try it out and I’ve been hooked since.

  9. I like to count stuff. LOL. And, I wore both a Fitbit and Garmin until after burning through two Fitbits — I let that one go. I took piano lessons from age 6 through 18. I didn’t play the recorder but it seems my youngest child was required to learn in elementary school. Nice to meet you through Friday Five!

    1. Good for you for finally letting the Fitbit go… haha. I guess, if mine broke I wouldn’t replace it, but I am using both Fitbit and Garmin until then :)

  10. What is a recorder? I never learned to play an instrument except piano in high school. But ask me now to play it and I don’t remember anything.

    I remember in the beginning I refused to read the Harry Potter books. Then one day in Mexico my nephew had the second book and I could not put it down. Loved it!

  11. I used to hate running too! It was a thing I did only when I absolutely had too, but I secretly always really wanted to be a runner. And then I did some obstacle races with friends and then that turned into regular races and now here I am, very much a runner.

    1. Isn’t it funny that we both found our love for running? So random.

  12. I hated running, too. And I am the complete opposite of a numbers nerd. Numbers scare the hell out of me. I can’t even count unless it’s on my fingers. Ha!

    1. I still wonder what made us ‘switch’ from haters to lovers? :)

  13. I tried learning the recorder when I was in second or third grade, but I hated every second of it. I am not musical in the least! I quit after two or three lessons, haha.

    Random fact: I am not a foodie AT ALL. I don’t enjoy trying new cuisines or going on food tours or any of that. I am a very picky person, so I’ve just learned to embrace my non-foodie-ness.

    1. Hey, it’s totally fine to be a NON-foodie… I know, it’s like “hip’ to be a foodie these days, but I totally respect people who just like what they like :)

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