Our 4th of July weekend

We I always make big plans for long weekends and then we end up hanging out at home and enjoying a nice, laid-back weekend instead. I am not complaining. Coffee in the backyard, reading, running, walking in the park, movies. It was perfect.

I ran our usual errands on Saturday and then we watched ‘I love you, man’ with Paul Rudd and Jason Segel. We needed something light and entertaining. I realized halfway through the movie that I had seen it before. Womp. Does that ever happen to you? It was still funny.

Sunday morning, I got up early super-early for my long run (12 miles). 



I needed to beat the heat and make it to the Farmers Market and back before 11 a.m. I wanted to be back home for the FIFA Confederations Cup final between Germany and Chile and it all worked out beautifully. I sat in front of the TV freshly showered and with big cup of coffee right on time for kick-off. It was a good game and Germany had mostly new, young players in the starting lineup. They struggled a bit in the first half (even though this is when they scored their only goal), but it was still impressive to see how the defeated an excellent Chilean team to win the championship 1:0!

I read my book (This is how it always is by Laurie Frankel) in the afternoon and also took a 2-hour nap (because why not?).


I also made some coconut-cream-strawberry-popsicles on Monday (I found the basic recipe on my friend Erin’s blog, ‘The Speckled Palate’). You only need four ingredients, it’s super-easy and quick to make and so freakin’ delicious! You should give this a try!

I had to run out to Target last-minute though, because I didn’t realize that we – apparently – didn’t own popsicle molds anymore until I had everything ready to go in the freezer. (I could have sworn I used to have some at some point, but they were nowhere to be found). But man, you wouldn’t believe how difficult it is to find popsicle molds in the middle of summer. SMH.

For the 4th, we had plans to meet up with a friend, but that fell through last minute, so we stayed home, hung out in the backyard,  made turkey burgers and then watched baseball (Red Sox vs. Texas Rangers).


Seems like July always starts off with injury for me now, as I bumped my toe last year and had to stop running for a few days and now I’ve been experiencing some, what I think is tibialis anterior tendinitis pain in my right ankle for the last few days. It’s very intermittent and only temporarily painful, but it’s particularly inconvenient right now as I have not one, but two races coming up this month.

Now what do I do? Ice? Heat? Rest? See a physio? All of the above? I really need this to be taken care of at least for my half later this month. I am already anticipating – with a heavy heart – that I might have to accept a DNS* at my 10k race tomorrow.

I hope you all had a nice holiday weekend. Did you do something fun?

*did not start (the runner was signed up, but did not start the race because of injury or other reasons)

  1. Other than the injury it looks like you had a pretty good week! I hope it heals fast, maybe some rest is all you need!

    1. Yeah, it was a good weekend and thanks for the well-wishes :)

  2. Your food looked great! Sorry about the injury, but way to go on your run. Get some rest, dear.

    1. Thank you, I will. :)

  3. Sorry about the injury! I really hope it gets better soon. Mmm…that popsicle looks amazing. I don’t have any molds, but I might have to find some!


    1. Go find some molds… the popsicles are awesome!

  4. Ohh those popsicles sound amazing!
    I’ll text you a recipe for tendinitis. Hope it calms down soon! :*

    1. Thank you for the Whatsapp, friend :)

  5. I could have written that very first sentence myself. LOL. I plan to do ALL the things and then end up just chillin. Those pops look delish. 12 miles girl, thats awesome. I havent gone more than 5 in a long long time. Hope you a great weekend!

    1. Thank you :) in the end all that matters is that it was a good weekend, am I right?

  6. So sorry to hear about the injury!! Sounds like a great weekend overall though and the popsicles–I’d love to try to make these! Come to think of it, I don’t have popsicle molds either and wouldn’t have the slightest idea on where to get them :)

    Hope you have a great weekend and Go Deutschland!!

    1. I got my popsicle molds at Target (because I needed them the same day) but you can also find them on Amazon!
      And yes, GO DEUTSCHLAND :)

  7. Oh man, I hope you were able to do your 10k. That sounds horrible. I hope the pain goes away soon!

    I am curious on your thoughts about This is How It Always Is. It’s my #1 book of the year so far, and I can’t see anything taking it off the top spot. So, so, SO good.

    1. I really enjoyed This Is How It Always Is…. it’s an important book and it was well thought-through! I probably will end up giving it 4 stars, because there were some minor things that I didn’t like (I am so picky with giving out 5 stars!), but I really did love the book!

  8. Sorry to hear about the injury! That is so annoying when you have race places on the horizon. Other than that, your weekend sounded really great. I need to get over to my garden and pick some zucchini as they are growing like crazy and will probably really grow now that we are having some nice hot weather!

    That popsicle recipe sounds simple and delicious! We don’t have any popsicle molds. Do you like the ones you bought? I looked into getting some last year and then never got around to it!

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