Memorial Day Weekend

Hey, hey! How was everyone’s Memorial Day Weekend? My recap comes a bit late, but we had a nice, relaxing weekend and the weather was beautiful (which means, not too hot!).

On Saturday was J and my 11th anniversary (*gasp*, I know! I can’t believe we’ve been married for that long!). It was a mostly normal Saturday for us, I ran the usual errands during the day, but we went out to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants in town, Tapa the World, a Spanish tapas bar. I ordered Sangria and we had a bunch of different tapas.



fresh bread with dipping sauce


patatas bravas, steamed mussles, mushrooms in garlic sauce


 filet mignon bites, cheese 



On Sunday morning, I went for my long run. I thought I was going to be extra smart and run to the Farmers Market and pick up some fresh pretzel croissants for breakfast (they are delicious!).


I didn’t factor in that running the whole way back (4 miles) with something in my hand was not going to be so much fun. I figured that the croissants were going to be ‘light’, but then I also ended up buying a small loaf of bread (which looked so good), so running back felt like running with (awkwardly-shaped) weights in my hands, and don’t forget the hand-sweating. At least I had something in each hand? Don’t know, don’t repeat that at home, kids.


Note to self: nice plan, stupid execution. I am not going to do this again. I had to cut my run a bit short (9.5 miles had to do) to get the goodies home, but the croissants were definitely a nice reward after all. I made fresh coffee and watched baseball when I got home. I also started a new book in the afternoon and took a nap (because I could!).

Monday was super-lazy, too, and I didn’t do much at all. Ok, I cleaned up a bit, did some laundry, watched more baseball and finished my book in the afternoon. We also had a German-style BBQ for dinner…. grilled pork belly, boiled potatoes with herbed yogurt dip, caprese salad and fresh bread. Yum!


Other good things:
a new book ♥ phone call with my family ♥ meal planning ♥ hanging out in the backyard ♥ juice with sparkling water ♥ ice-cream ♥ 

How was your long weekend? Did you do something fun?

  1. Woo hoo for the 11 years club! Looks like you had a great time celebrating on Saturday! I love tapas! Glad you had a nice relaxing long weekend!

    1. Thank you – so funny we have the same anniversary! :)

  2. Those pretzel croissants look like they were worth it though!!

    1. Ugh, they’re the best and so addicting :)

  3. Happy Anniversary! :)

  4. First and foremost, happy belated anniversary. That’s incredible. My hubby and I celebrate 9 years later this month and for our tenth, we’re off to Barbados again to spend two glorious weeks diving.

    All of the food in this post looks delish and has my mouth watering. I need to go grab my lunch from my work fridge stat.

    Have a great day hun. :)

    (I can’t turn this caps locks off on your blog for some reason – sorry hun)

    1. Wow that is amazing that you’re planning a trip to Barbados next year for your anniversary… that’s going to be epic! ;)

  5. Weird, you type a message and it’s in caps but when it posts, it’s not. I’m not crazy, I swear. lol

  6. Happy Anniversary!!!

    Running to the farmers market sounds like a fabulous idea. I may have to do that one day. Have you tried the Nathan Hydration backpacks? They come with some storage which would come in very handy when picking up something along the way.

    (Also: Just like the previous commenter and my comment on your last blog post, caps is turned on when typing but the test appears normally once posted. Strange…

    1. Thank you for the recommendation… I have a Nathan bottle and have heard about their hydration packs, but since I usually don’t run with water, I haven’t really looked into them… but that might be a good idea if I plan to run more errands on my runs in the future ;)

  7. Congrats on your anniversary! I always love a new, wonderful read. :)


  8. Happy belated anniversary! All of the food looks amazing. The croissants look delicious!

    1. Thank you… it was delicious!

  9. I’ve run to the grocery store before. Definitely take a little pack next time. It can be annoying to run with, but then you don’t have bread products in hand lol. I love that you did that. Such a runner move.
    Happy bleated Anniversary! And a fabulous dinner. i love the name of the restaurant!

    1. Haha… such a runner move, right? :) Thanks for the recommendation to take a pack next time!

  10. Happy belated birthday! It’s been fun to see how many people have anniversaries in May! There are a lot of us!! Your anniversary dinner looked delicious! Yum!

    We were still in Maui over Memorial Day weekend. That weekend we went on a snorkeling day trip to Molikini on Saturday and toured Maui Brewing Company after that. On Sunday we went to Haleakala and did a hike into the crater which was super cool. And on Monday we relaxed, snorkeled, and enjoyed our last full day in Maui!

    1. May is definitely a popular wedding month :) So glad you had such a blast in Hawaii… can’t wait to hear more!

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