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looking forward to seeing and spending time with my whole family and eating all the food in  a couple of weeks — hooray!

reading No one cares about crazy people: the chaos and heartbreak of mental health in America by Ron Powers. Oh boy, I am in for a rough ride, I suppose (I am only two chapters in).

watching SNL. I hadn’t watched SNL in a long time, but started to watch it again shortly after the election. Melissa McCarthy and Alec Baldwin are so funny. I also really love Kate McKinnon. She’s hilarious (and she reminds me a little bit of Anke Engelke (who my German friends will know!) with her versatility).

working on my second half marathon training. I am in week 4 now and it’s going well so far. I’ll be talking about the plan and how it’s going a little more in a separate post. 

enjoying the warm spring weather (when it’s not raining- ha!).  We’ve had a mixed bag of spring weather so far, but it’s been nice.

listening to this contemporary piano piece by Mark Pinkus (actually his whole album is wonderful!). I love it.  I’d love to learn how to play this (I miss my piano!). If you clicked on the link, what did you think? Do you ever listen to piano music? 

contemplating if it is going to be too late to plant some vegetables and fruits after I get back from Germany at the end of May? 

eating all the pasta.

drinking Arnold Palmers (iced tea with lemonade). It’s delicious and refreshing.

loving my new hair cut + color. I was so overdue, so it was marvelous to go in last Saturday and have my head pampered for two hours!

feeling guilty that I didn’t attend the ‘march for science’ on Saturday. It wasn’t on my radar when I made the hair appointment and since I had been putting that off for so long already, I didn’t want to cancel or postpone it, because of my upcoming trip home. I am glad that so many people turned out for the march in our city though! That was nice to see.

not so happy that we owed taxes this year for the first time ever. I always try to be on top of our regular deductions, but sometimes it’s hard to figure out. Meh.

What’s going on with you currently?

  1. Taxes kicked out business-owning-butts this year. UGH.
    SNL is killing it lately. I love falling asleep to that show on Saturday nights!
    A trip to Germany sounds awesome!

    1. SNL is really killing it. I wish though there wasn’t so much ‘material’ sometimes… ;) (thanks for stopping by!)

  2. So the growing season is obviously so different in California so I am no help about that. But I’m putting in my garden in mid-May before our wedding. I bet you could plant your when you get back from your trip, too. Are you planting it in the ground? If so, it’s so much easier to have a garden that way versus using pots as getting the right level of hydration in pots is so dang tricky (unless they are deep garden bed type of planters). I can’t wait to plant my garden!! We had our community garden volunteer day on Saturday morning and it felt so good to play in the dirt!!

    Thanks for sharing the piano piece – love it. I play piano and love listening to piano music as it just soothes my soul and slows my pulse. I’m going to pick music as my happiness project for one of the final months of the year. I have a piano but don’t play as much as I’d like so I want to try to form a habit of playing and doing that in the colder months is perfect!

    That book you are reading sounds intriguing and heart breaking. I feel so drawn to non-fiction these days as it seems like there are so many issues I need to increase my awareness on so I can be a better advocate. Let me know what you think of that book – might be a good selection for my advocacy reading project.

    Lastly – how exciting that you are going to Germany soon!!!!!!!

    And PS – I’m signing up for a half in September!!

    1. So happy to hear that you also listen to piano music in your free time. I agree, it’s so soothing :) I am trying to find the sheet music for some of the pieces that I’ve been listening to.

      I’ve been reading quite a bit of non-fiction lately and so far the book I am reading is heartbreaking, but really, really good and important.

      So excited that you feel ready to sign up for a half again! Woot!

  3. We owed on our taxes this year for the first time in a long time too. Definitely not loving that either! I’ve been loving SNL lately too, it helps to laugh at the current situation sometimes.

    1. Owing taxes sucks. I wish there was an easier way to anticipate this.

  4. Your hair looks great! I really need to get mine cut and thinned out at the very least. Hopefully soon.

    I keep meaning to watch SNL more; I’ve definitely been liking it a lot more lately. :) And Melissa is GREAT!


    1. Thank you – I take some of your extra hair. Mine is so thin and I wish I thicker hair!

  5. Yes! I love piano music too, but it has been so long since I have played anything. I must get back into the habit!

    1. Yes, get back into the habit of playing the piano! :)

  6. Oh, you are going to Germany! So awesome! How long will you be staying? I’ve been watching SNL for years but am loving this season so much more than the previous ones. Love their take on current politics!

    Not a whole lot going on here… well, we had a pipe burst and water leaked all over our kitchen floor, so we are currently in the midst of our very first homeowners insurance claim. Fun… NOT!

    1. I am only going to Germany for 11 days — not as long as I want to, but better than nothing :)
      Ugh. So sorry about the pipe burst! That’s a bummer.

  7. I am intrigued by your book choice. I might have to check that out. Have fun on your trip! Sounds like it will be a great one.

    1. So far the book is really good. Heartbreaking, but so important and informative.

  8. That pasta looks soooo good. And ugh, I owed a TON in taxes this year because of freelancing & because I work out of Cleveland & thus my employer doesn’t take city taxes out of my paychecks… yuck!

    1. The pasta was amazing. I have to share the recipe sometime!
      I am sorry that you’ve owed taxes, too. It just sucks.

  9. I’m finally starting to get the desire to read again, and that book sounds interesting!

    I’m not sure about your growing season, but I hope it will work out that you can plant! I planted some veggies a couple of weeks ago, and we have been getting so much rain. I hope they still make it!

    1. That book is really good, but be prepared for some ‘tough stuff’.

  10. Ooh, so exciting that you’re going to Germany at the end of May! You must be so excited to see your family. <3

    There was a science march in my city, too, and I didn't attend and I feel a bit guilty, too. I've never been huge into science, but this administration has opened my eyes to how important science research is and the fact that we've got people who don't believe in climate change in power is frightening!

    1. Thank you, I am so excited to see my family and niece and nephew! :)

      I am glad to hear that there was a science march in your city, too. Glad to hear people are showing up for these things!

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