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wearing my new @momentumjewelry Motivate Wrap™  that I bought recently with a gift certificate that I received for my birthday. It just seemed fitting to get one  with my word for the year ‘(just) breathe’ engraved.

loving my runs at the park. I’ve thought about branching out a bit (and maybe finding some new running paths around town), but it is really nice and convenient to just lace up your shoes and walk out the door and have the park right around the corner. I feel safe there running by myself and don’t have to worry about running on the streets with traffic or something.

drinking Radler with Cologne Früh Kölsch at the local Biergarten. The beer garden is such a nice place to hang out on a warm summer night.

enjoying our backyard. It’s so nice to finally have a quiet, private place to sit outside in the evenings. Hopefully, the plants that I bought to repel mosquitos and other insects will do their job. I might still have to use some “Off”, because I am a mosquito magnet (sadly).

eating  all the watermelon. So delicious and refreshing.

celebrating a few more Red Sox wins! Yay!

breathing a sigh of relief that my Mom’s kidney surgery went well and that she’s on the path to recovery. She’s been in the hospital for just over a week and will go and stay at a rehabilitation center for three more weeks starting tomorrow (all covered by the health insurance. That’s German health care for you.)

feeling a little overwhelmed by everything I have to “get done” in the next three weeks (including work-related deadlines, work travel, and my first half-marathon *eek*).

reading Joyland by Stephen King for the #PostalBookclub

looking forward to my work trip to Colorado at the beginning of August. I am really excited about the workshop that I will be attending, but I also haven’t been to Colorado and am hoping to get to do a little bit of sight-seeing. 

watching the RNC (because I just can’t look away). What an epic shit-storm. That’s all.

What are you eating? Watching? Feeling?

  1. So so happy to hear that your mom is doing good so far – please send her my well-wishes!
    I love your bracelet – very pretty and a good reminder.
    oMG – don’t even get me started…. I really hope we are not running into a disaster in November…..
    overwhelmed? I hear you – all of a sudden it got to me that we are leaving for the motherland in a week and I still have plenty of things to do…. awwww
    Have a wonderful Wednesday <3

  2. Glad to hear that your mom’s surgery went well. Wishing her a speedy recovery!

  3. drinking Radler with Cologne Früh Kölsch at the local Biergarten. The beer garden is such a nice place to hang out on a warm summer night.


  4. Yay re: your Mom’s surgery! That is such good news! I hope her recovery is quick and without any scary surprises!

    I really really hate mosquitos. I grew up in a tiny mountain town that had ZERO mosquitos. Zero. There was no standing water for them to breed in, our town water came from a mountain spring, and the only other water in town was snow run-off that moved really fast, and irrigation ditches that dried up every few hours, depending on what rotation they were on. Same deal in the canyon closest to our house where we spent many evenings/weekends. No breeding ground, no bugs. I did not realize how awesome this was until I went ANYWHERE ELSE and there are clouds and swarms of mosquitos.

    I am a little allergic to mosquito bites, they get really huge and raised, even if I don’t touch them, and will almost always leave a scar, even if I don’t scratch. Grrrr.


  5. I am glad that your mom’s surgery went well and that she is recovering well. I hope she is back to 100% very soon! I hope you get a chance to do some exploring while you are in Colorado. That is one of my favorite states. It’s so darn beautiful there!

    These days I’m eating a lot of fresh fruit, especially blue berries from the local farmer’s market. We are starting to watch season 2 of Veep now that it’s free on amazon prime. And I’m feeling kind of overwhelmed by my schedule. Between work travel and other evening commitments, I just feel like I am not around much!

  6. I love when you post what you’re reading for Postal Book Club because then I know what’s coming my way! Haha.

    I am currently eating spaghetti because money is tight and spaghetti is cheap (sigh). Watching Masterchef. And feeling annoyed by the communication of the guys I go on dates with (bleh).

  7. RNC… just like watching a car crash. So right. Can’t look away, but also covering my eyes, horror-movie style. UGH!

  8. Oh man, I so wish we had a backyard for these summer nights! Our rental house has the tiniest backyard ever. That’s modern homes for ya.

    I watched the shit storm, too. What a joke!

  9. So so glad to hear your mom’s surgery went well! I hope she is also recovering well and doing better.

    And YES to watermelon! So delicious!

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