Currently | April

Another post I have completely skipped in March, because March felt a little crazy. But I am picking up my blogging habits again. We need some normalcy around here (or at least, I do).

ENJOYING | to experiment with the sourdough starter that I got from a friend. I have already gotten two friends to start their own and have seen others online experiment as well. 

EATING | homemade bread baked with said sourdough starter (not be confused with “sourdough bread”). If you’re wondering what the difference is, I will write a post about it.

DRINKING | coffee from my Chemex. Every day – which feels like a treat (and you’ve probably seen my new morning ritual on IG stories by now). Before Corona, I’d have coffee at work from a regular drip coffee maker during the week, and hand-brewed coffee was a weekend ritual only.

TAKING | a few minutes  in the morning to stand on my back porch, sip my coffee, breathe, and enjoy the  flowers and  the birds. I am thankful we have a small backyard during this time.

READING | The Bookcharmer by Karen Hawkins. My reading is still going pretty slow, I have a short attention span these days, but I am just rolling with it.

LISTENING TO | the birds in the morning.

WATCHING | nothing. I know a lot of people are on a Netflix- or Hulu-binge right now (I constantly see requests for new recommendations). Me? Not so much. I didn’t watch (m)any series before, and I haven’t started since *all this* began.

GROWING | all the things. I am trying to regrow leek, green onions, and potatoes right now. Just some little pet projects of mine. 

BUYING | an office chair. Sitting on a kitchen chair for 10 hours a day for 7 weeks hasn’t been the smartest idea. 

REALIZING | how lucky how am that I actually enjoy spending a lot of time with my spouse. Haha. Others might not be so lucky. 

HOPING | that soon going into week 8 of social distancing, people realize that their sacrifices have been worthwhile, that we’re flattening the curve, but that we can’t give up on these efforts quite yet. Isolation is hard, but also still necessary right now. 

LOVING | snail mail (always, but right now in particular). Sending and receiving.

CELEBRATING | my (unofficial) half marathon PR. I finally ran a sub-2 half last weekend, in a virtual race, no less. With so many things canceled or postponed, following through with this seemed like one of the few things I can control right now.

What is going on with you currently?

  1. I’m not watching much TV either. I’ve tried a bunch of shows but just am not finding much that holds my attention. My favorite part about quarantine is being with my family 24/7, it just never gets old. Our state is starting to open, but the changes are very minor: non emergency health procedures and non essential business opening as long as everyone is distant and masked. We’re a ways away from restaurants, gyms, etc being open.

  2. I’ve been wanting to make sourdough for so long. I need to get a garden together, but with the lockdown, I haven’t been able to go pick up the supplies I need, so it might have to wait until next season. Hope you have a good May!

  3. An office chair is so worth it! I even used to have a desk at home that could be adjusted in height. So I could switch between standing and sitting. It felt so luxurious:-)

  4. We are not binging tv right now either. We watch about one show together per night, but that’s about what we watched before. Right now we are watching McMillions which is about the scamming of the McDonald’s Monopoly game. It’s been fascinating and unbelievable at times! I wasn’t reading much at the beginning of the covid scare, but now it has picked back up. I still don’t read as much as I used to, though. Turns out the reading I did on my bus commutes added up to quite a bit!

  5. I’m so excited for you to get an office chair! It’s going to feel so great on your back and butt to sit in an ACTUAL chair designed for office work. YAY!

    I love your morning coffee ritual and that you’re documenting it every day on IG Stories. <3

  6. Your morning routine is lovely and I’m so glad that you are enjoying your back garden. That coffee mug is stunning (I have a thing for cups and mugs – I always notice them on IG or in blog posts)!

    I do not know the difference between the sour dough starter and sough dough so please do a post on it. I’ve never baked bread either but this is on my to-do list!

    I’m the same with the TV – I’m not watching much. I’m watching a reality cooking show which airs each weekday so loving that. But I haven’t binge watched anything yet. I’ve got my favourite series which show once a week and that is that.

  7. Oh this sourdough thing is everywhere currently. I look forward to that post about the difference – I had not known previously to reading this post.

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