29: November Favorites

1. It’s that time of the year where I can, without shame, indulge in my love for soups. I usually don’t really like canned soup and prefer cooking it from scratch, but a really quick and easy lunch option these days has been Amy’s Organic Soup. It has a clean ingredient list, low calorie-count and it’s absolutely delicious. I particularly like the lentil and split pea soup. Have you tried it?

2.  I’ve been crocheting quite a bit lately and the metal crochet hook that I was using was ever so slightly too short and kept poking into the palm of my hand. So I got this Boye Crochet Hook as a replacement and it’s so much more comfortable to work with.

3. I’ve been drinking quite a bit of tea again and it just tastes best with a splash of milk and real (German or Belgian) rock sugar. I stocked up this month at Teavana.

4. My Enzo Angiolini Saylem riding boots. I am so glad it’s finally boots-and-scarves-weather again.  I’ve bought these boots 5 (!) years ago, I think,  and they’re still in great shape (which is why you should always invest in good quality leather shoes!)

5. I’ve been listening to the Lovecast with Dan Savage on and off lately. I love his perspective on politics and world affairs and his love and relationship advice is always spot on.

6. Hooray, it’s that time of the year. Gingerbread Coffee is back at Trader Joe’s. 

  1. Two hands up for soup season! I’ve never tried Amy’s, but I do love to keep a can or two of soup at my desk in case I forget my lunch, or end up super hungry one day. It’s always the days I plan to grab some takeout that I am way too busy to leave my desk. So it’s great for those days.

    I usually just end up with the store brand, or a chicken noodle type deal. But I love lentils!

    Also, how do you make these collages? I love them!

  2. You sure do love your Trader Joe’s! :)

    I LOVE Amy’s chili in the winter – & if I’m feeling really indulgent, I’ll pour it over spaghetti, which I know, I sounds SO DISGUSTING, but my ex & I called it “spaghilli” & became obsessed with it. I haven’t done it for awhile because Mike thinks it’s nasty, haha!

  3. Yeah yeah yeah for soup. Just had one tonight!
    You talk so much about this coffee that I really want to have a sip to try…
    Happy day to you

  4. I love amys soups, too. I try to make my own soups but sometimes you just need a fast meal!

    I need to get some new ergonomic crochet hooks. I have some cheap metal ones but I need ones with a wider base for gripping because the narrow ones require too much of a grip which isn’t great for my RA!

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