5: In which I ramble


Happy Saturday, friends. I literally have no post planned for today and I have to wing it. As I said, majorly unprepared for NaBloPoMo this time around. To get a little bit more in control (what can I say, I am a planner), I’ve been trying to outline the month a bit this morning  and jotted done some post ideas for the following weeks (something that I am usually on top of before November starts), but I still have some empty spaces and I am just hoping that real life will provide inspiration for these currently blank dates.

October was such a blur, because first my parents were here for the first half of the month (which was so much fun, but also flew by in a blink of an eye) and then J’s mom came to visit for a bit, so we haven’t had our home to ourselves for quite a while. On top of that we had some home maintenance done (oh the joys of homeownership), our car had to be taken in for the annual inspection, I had some hours to make up at work, and I just haven’t really been able to catch up with life in general. Running has been put a bit on the back-burner (which I hate to admit, because I had such a good routine going and I am trying to get back to it) and I have hardly had time to sit down to knit a row or two. Usually that’s my way of winding down at night. But as you can tell, there hasn’t been much winding down lately, and it makes me feel restless.

Why are we people such creatures of habit?

Also, time perception really is a peculiar thing, as is the illusion of balance in one’s life. I often feel rushed, stressed, like I don’t have enough time for all that is demanded of me, for what I demand of myself, and what I’d like to get accomplished. Most days are flying by and I am just hanging on by a thread. Every once in a while, the world will slow down and my feeling will actually align with what I am desperately longing for in my head: this feeling that time stands still and you can actually take a deep breath and enjoy the moment. That moment is also always so fleeting.

It’s weird, isn’t it, that so much relies on our perception. I mean, the concept of time is a matter of perception to begin with and so much of how we feel and how we manage our day-to-day takes place in our minds. 

I hope you find a moment to relax this weekend. 

  1. What great thoughts for today! Alex and I were just thinking about the fact that the months are going by so fast, and the fact that time seems to fly more quickly with each year–WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO WHEN WE ARE 60?? Do those years even exist?
    And yes, perception and perspective have such impact on everything–from concepts of time to how you react to what is in your life.

    1. OMG, I had the exact conversation with my late great-aunt (who lived to be 90) and she said that time won’t slow down ever. I am scared.

  2. My whole life revolves around lists and habits and checkmarks…I can’t function properly without that.


    1. Lists and checkmarks FTW. XO

  3. I’m a creature of habit, too, and crave a schedule. It is nice to get off schedule once in awhile, like when I travel, but I’m always ready to get back to my routines again. That overwhelmed feeling you’ve been feeling is basically how I felt for most of October. I just over-planned and over-committed. November has been much better. I still have my busy weeks and days but overall, my schedule is more balanced. I definitely need downtime since I am an introvert so I am glad my evenings are less planned out. I’ve spent a lot of time crocheting and knitting in the evenings lately which has been so good for me as it’s soooo soothing!! I hope your schedule opens up soon so you’ll have more time for knitting as well!

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