This Christmas season

well, since I won’t really have the pleasure of spending the pre-Christmas time with my hun, I am trying to keep busy… on Tuesday, I went to get a Christmas Star for my Mom and then we had my aunt and cousin over for a Nikolaus-coffee klatsch [this is indeed used in American English LOL]. My Mom had baked “Weckmänner” which is something like brioche… fluffy white bread and kind of sweet. I loved it.
Apparently, Nikolaus had the impression that I had been a good girl, because I got a curler set as a gift :) Of course, I had to try them yesterday and I have to say… it’s harder than I thought to put them in your hair by yourself :) Ilka, I definitely need some advice here.

Yesterday we had my sister and two of my Mom’s colleagues over and spent the evening creating jewelry :) I made some earrings and a necklace for myself. That was fun! I think I want to do more crafting for Christmas… as I can’t really spend a whole lot of money this year, I depend on hand-making some gifts [which?I think are not the worst gifts to be honest ;)].

Oh, and I have some good news… I found a potential job at the Schülerhilfe [a student tutoring organization] and I will have a job interview on Monday. I am not sure yet how often I will be able to work and what they pay, but it’s a start and I will definitely find out more on next week :) Yay!

  1. Oh I love your jewelry! So pretty! I’m working on a Fensterbild as I type this.. ;-)
    Good luck with your interview on Monday. Should be super easy for you!!
    I know, the holidays apart from the ones you love suck! But hey, who knows when you’ll spend the next Christmas with your family…. ;-)

  2. MAUS – thank you so much for your call last night . i know how it sucks to be away from you hun, but try to stay positive and count the days until you see him. that usually helps. i wish i was here to cheer you up in the holiday season. but then again, i’m happy i’m not :-D i hope i will get to talk to you while i’m in indiana. you know you can call ANY TIME. i’m serious! i’m crossing my fingers for the schuelerhilfe and everything else. i’m thinking of you. sending a bearhug and another

  3. hi sannie, hope you can see your hun soon, it’s hard to be seperated especially during the holidays… good luck for the job interview(s) & a big hug :-)

  4. hey sweetheart!! wish you all the best for the job interview!!! tschaka!! hope you have a nice weekend!!

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