I knew it.

It’s only Day 2 and I am already struggling to get a post written in time to post it before midnight.

Damn it. Ha!

I’ve been busy with cleaning up the house today and also trying to put away “stuff” in our room which is – despite or maybe because of missing furniture – a mess right now. Settling into a new place with only three bags of clothes and two boxes of “important” stuff [like books, bills, stationary] doesn’t sound so hard, but maybe it is for this exact same reason.

I think a trip to IKEA is definitely in dire need some time soon :)

We’re off to a Modern Dance Performance tonight. It’s going to be particularly interesting because it’s going to incorporate scientific 3D data that my work group and I have worked on. Sounds pretty unbelievable, huh? Yeah, that’s exactly what I think. I will hopefully be able to explain more later.

  1. I try to write every day, anyway. I have missed very few, and it is so hard some times! The only days I have missed this year was when I was really depressed!

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