SPF – the title company


Yes, it’s Friday again and I’ve gotten so used to playing SPF on Fridays. This week Kristine asked a lot of creativity from us when she told us to come up with titles and post a picture that goes with it.

1. Song Title: People are strange


Yeah, aren’t we people strange dressing up for carnival [or halloween for that matter]… trying to be something that we could never be in real life. This photo was taken about 3 years back when I went to a carnival party… needless to say that I desperately wanted to be a bear [and if you thought now that I was dressed up as a cat… you’re wrong!!!].

2. Book Title: The Outlander


A picture of the world-famous “Lone cypress” at Pebble Beach taken October 2004. The lighting was amzing that evening.Doesn’t it seem like it tried to put itself as far “outland” as possible?

3. Movie Title:The Rock


I just love rocks! I am taking pictures of them all the time and I am glad Kristine gave me the opportunity to post one of my rock pictures again ;)

I hope you all played! And if you did, let us know!

  1. okay hun i have to admit i thought you were a cat :) but i have to agree about people being strange and this being a perfect example. me being especially strange and actually taking vacation days for carnival in duesseldorf every year :D

    i love your other pics as well. nice job again :) and you know i played… *smooch*

  2. Those are great. I really love the last two. They’re beautiful and clever. The strange one .. good choice. ;)

    I played, too.

  3. The Lone Cypress “Outlander” – great pic! Heck they’re all good but that one really caught my eye!

    Happy SPF!

  4. Beautiful pic of pebble beach!

    I would have guessed a cat… sorry! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I love your costume. Dressing up at Halloween is one of my favorite things to do. It’s too fun!!

    The lone cypress is beautiful… perhaps I’ll see it some day!

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Great SPF! Iove your bear costume! Thats so wierd that we were married in the same month and chose the same song!!! Thanks for stopping by!

  7. We had an old painting of that cypress on the living room wall for years and years! Thanks for reminding me and thanks for visiting :-)

  8. I love your rock picture. Awesome colors!

    The lone cypress is absolutely gorgeous. What a picture-perfect shot. I think the lighting is wonderful.

    Great SPF!
    I played too!

  9. Oh I love the picture taken at Pebble Beach , it is stunning!

    I played!

  10. I did not for one second think you were a lion in that first picture (jumps out of the way to avoid lightning…).

    Thanks for stopping by!!

  11. Those are great! Happy SPF!

    I played!

  12. I would have guessed cat. LOL! But then I have cats on the brain, pretty much. ;-) The second and third are great pics, too — super SPF!

    I played.

  13. awesome!!
    Shaun asked me to marry him at the Lone Cyprus…everytime I see it, I get all fluttery in the tummy!!

    Thank you!!

  14. Lone Cypress is gorgeous! I played.

  15. I really like the last two!

    I played, too.

  16. love that second pic! One of these days I have to get to the coast to shoot. I think I have shot just about everything I can here in D/FW!!!

    Great job! I played as well!

    Have a great weekend!

  17. “The Rock” is one of my favorite movies and what a pretty rock that is. Great pictures!! I played!!

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