Daily life: 9 of our favorite weekly meals (winter edition)

A while back, I shared some of the regular meals that we eat during the summer months. I thought I’d also share some of the dishes that we’ve made repeatedly this winter. Since I eat both breakfast and lunch at work (and it’s mostly simple things and/or leftovers), we cook a full meal every evening.


1. Barley Soup – It seems like not too many people know about barley soup, but it’s tasty and filling. It’s the perfect soup for the cooler season.

2. Brown rice pasta casserole – I’ve been raving about our brown rice pasta casserole quite a bit, because it’s so easy to make and so delicious. We buy the brown rice fussili from Trader Joe’s, throw them in a casserole dish with spinach, mushrooms, carrots and some cheese on top and use a blend of water, cream and spices to pour over. Bake for 40-45 minutes and you have a supertasty warm dinner. It’s our favorite right now.

3. Vegetable Red Curry –  if you like some Thai food at home, this is a really easy, basic recipe and it’s so good. I am going to share this recipe in a separate post.


4. Poule au Pot – I am a fan of soups during the winter months and nothing taste better than chicken broth made from scratch. This recipe adds leek, carrots, beets and potatoes into the mix and makes a really yummy dinner.

5. Steak with oven fries and vegetable side – We don’t make steak very often, but when we have a craving for a nice juicy piece of meat, we usually make a ribeye steak (sometimes with fried onions), oven fries and either a wax been salad or side of vegetables.

6. Pork or Turkey Geschnetzeltes with Spätzle and green beans – Popular (and delicious) German dish. I can’t help but cook some German dishes every once in a while.


7. Spaghetti with meatballs or bolognese sauce  This is a weekly staple. We alternate between the meatballs and the bolognese sauce right now and haven’t gotten tired of it. So good. We’re using Mezetta Pasta Sauce (made in Napa Valley), which is so, so good. Expensive, but worth it (I try to buy them on sale when I can.)

8. Pork belly with fried potates and green beans – As I previously mentioned, I found fresh pork belly at a local butcher shop and couldn’t be more thrilled. Pork belly is a regular cut of meat in German cooking and so delicious. (Not everything has to be turned into bacon ;)).

9. Tomato soup and baguette – if we’re not in the mood for cooking, but I want something warm, I quickly whip up a tomato soup and it hits the spot every time. Some baguette on the side and I am good.

What do you cook on a regular basis? Share some cooking inspiration with me.

  1. Yum, you eat some delicious winter meals! I definitely want to try out your curry recipe as we love curries! I feel like I tend to make the same meals over and over in the winter and I tend to make a lot of chilis and soups since they reheat well and are comforting to eat. I don’t think I have anything that’s worth sharing, though! It’s kind of boring food compared to what you make!! I have upped my game a bit with this Whole30 challenge as I have had to search for new recipes and try new things so I have made a lot of new recipes, most of which have been great.

  2. Yum! Waiting patiently (ish) for that vegetable curry recipe! :)


  3. I so so so wish I liked soups! I usually like the thick, creamy ones (loooove tomato soup), but not so much the broth-based ones. Well except Pho and Japanese ramen soup (made the right way, not out of a box). Those are tasty.

    I’d like to make more food at home, but I sadly don’t because 1. I don’t like cooking and 2. I’m too exhausted most of the time once I get home. Some quick meals I make are pasta with my own tomato sauce, cooked spinach with onions (Lebanese dish), and string beans with onions, tomatoes, and garlic (also a Lebanese dish). I also love boiling artichoke and then dipping it in a garlic-lemon-olive oil sauce. Mmmmm.

  4. Love this. Would love to know what your simple breakfasts/lunches at work are!

  5. Daaaamn, these all look SO good – & here I am eating pasta, like, nightly. I’d love that red curry recipe. Looking forward to it!

  6. Yay thanks for sharing this! We’re heading into fall/winter here in the southern hemisphere so this is timely inspiration for sure :) My latest obsession is pressure cooking chunky carrots but I’m pressure cooking practically everything – I did cloves of garlic last night, and a couple of nights ago I cooked beans and froze them. I’ve also revived an old student favourite of mine, an inexpensive can of tomato soup, pasta and some cayenne pepper and black pepper – cheap, quick and filling.

  7. This all looks so delicious! YUM.

  8. Oh I love barley soup or chicken soup… basically any soup I guess.
    I often make the broth myself and keep a stash of chicken & veggies in the freezer. Your brown rice casserole also sound interesting.
    This winter I had a lot of red beets. I usually just cut them up, add olive oil and some salt/pepper to it and put it in the oven. Sometimes I add goat or feta cheese. Its a great dish when you need something warm but not too filling.

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