Five Pet Peeves

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+ Twitter: I am (almost) ready to cut you out of my life. I can barely keep up with my feed, besides the fact that I feel like “talking to myself” 99% of the time. Do you also feel like only the same people – if anybody – responds or reacts to your tweets? Just me? This is not a complaint, more of an observation.

+ I said it before and I’ll said it again, “People, use your turn signals, for Peet’s sake”. There is nothing more annoying on the street than when people don’t signal where they’re going (not to mention, it’s dangerous!). Oh, maybe there is because why do so many people forget to turn on their lights when it’s dark outside? I see so many cars without their headlights on every morning (and for the record, I leave my house before 7 a.m.).

+  I hate to be the person who complains about traffic pet peeves a lot, but in the last few days on my way home (which is a 20 minute-commute on surface/city streets), I saw not one, but a total of 4 cars driving around with one of their headlights out. Why do people drive around like this? Why don’t they get their cars fixed?

+ I don’t know what the proper etiquette is and how long one should wait before inquiring about a gift that was sent by mail, but if you’re worried that your gift didn’t make it to the intended recipient, a) track it via tracking number (if you have one) and b) give the person time to respond with a thank you card/email. If you must inquire, make it clear that you just want to make sure that the package made it and don’t insinuate that you expected a thank you already. Sometimes things happen and thank you card don’t go in the mail right the same minute the package arrives (or the postal service takes its sweet time delivering your card. This is not unheard of.).

+ When will Instagram finally allow multiple logins to manage more than just one account? *verydeepsigh*

  1. I hate when people don’t use their turn signals, it drives me bonkers. Also, traffic. Forever and ever the worst thing ever.

    And agreed with Instagram, get with it already, ha.

    1. I read that apparently the android version for IG has rolled out multiple account management?!

  2. I left Twitter awhile ago for the same reason. I also found that I was personally using it to be complainy/snarky at times so it wasn’t the most positive outlet for me (but I recognize that it doesn’t have to be that way).

    One of my pet peeves is when people messaging me, asking me to buy the products they are selling. I understand that direct marketing has really grown due to facebook/IG/etc, but I can just ignore those posts. It really bothers me when they message me and put me in the position of having to tell them no. One friend from college has approached me multiple times even though I keep saying no!

    Another pet peeve is when people ask me when I will be getting engaged. I realize they are excited for me and want to see my relationship take the next step but i never know how to answer because I’m not really in control of the timeline…

    1. Oh yeah, I definitely agree on the direct marketing situation… I know a lot of people who have side businesses now, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I am interested in the products. Wouldn’t I proactively inquire about them, if I was?

      I can also understand that you get annoyed when people ask you when you’ll get engaged. It’s such a personal question! It’s kind of the same thing when people ask about kids once you’re married. I am definitely more away of questions that can put people on the spot and try to avoid them as much as I can.

  3. Ditto on the turn signals! I yell about this almost every morning as I need to take a left out of my street and other people coming from the opposite almost always turn right towards the coffee shop but ALMOST NEVER PUT THEIR SIGNALS ON.
    Also Twitter– I’m with you. I find I’m using it more and more lately to find interesting articles and less for interacting with people. I’ve seen a few well-established bloggers and such getting rid of their Twitter accounts because of more traffic from instagram and the book of face, so will be interesting to see how Twitter adapts/changes if this happens a lot with other folks too.

    1. Yes, I think I haven’t quit Twitter, because I still use it to find articles and news…. I rarely tweet myself, usually only when I am looking for some advice or help (and even then most people don’t reply).

  4. I never got into Twitter. It’s not my thing. I prefer scrolling through pictures! :)

    1. I definitely prefer IG too :)

  5. I haven’t been using Twitter much lately. I like reading what other people tweet but I rarely tweet myself and get no response when I do – probably because I have very few followers! Ditto with Instagram! People who don’t use their turn signals drive me crazy too – as do people who don’t follow traffic signs, ie. no parking, no u-turns, etc. The street Topher’s school is on is ridiculous – you’d think the parents, of all people, would want to follow the rules so their kids would be safe but it’s like a battle zone every time I pick him up. So frustrating!

    1. That is so upsetting that even parents at Topher’s school are notorious traffic rule ignorers. :(

  6. Never jumped onto Twitter. Hate…. yes I know its a strong word, but…. hate people not using their giving tools, especially the ones that come with your car! Did nobody ever explain to them what the signals and lights etc. are good for? Yeah to the super expensive, very annoying but oh so wonderful German driving schools!
    Very irritated with Instagram recently – its all of a sudden blacking the numbers, if trying to post my Fitbit numbers…..

    1. Yay for wonderful German driving school indeed! Sometimes I feel like the only sane person on the road LOL

      What do you mean IG is “blacking out” your Fitbit numbers?

  7. Urgh, my family are the worst for not letting me know if a gift got them ok, I always have to chase it up!

    1. Well, in that case you’re allowed to inquire ;) (but I’d personlly only ask after a few weeks have passed).

  8. The Nebraskan driver thing that drives me crazy: drivers stop in the MIDDLE OF INTERSECTIONS to allow pedestrians to cross. The pedestrian is waiting for you, yo. Just go!

    Curious why you have two instagram accounts?

  9. Just like any other form of social media, it really depends on what you are using Twitter for. I use it mainly for two things: follow the news (in the US and around the world) and to follow what’s happening with our lovely local Metro (delays, breakdowns, closings, etc.). It’s been super helpful in that way and I likely will not leave it because the information I get from it (for me) is pretty valuable on a daily basis. I have two accounts – one public and one private. The public one is mainly so I can complain if there are Metro issues (I’m serious, no joke). I may use it for other things, but that’s really the main reason. On my private one, I actually don’t follow many individual people, but mainly news outlets that I like and again Metro/public transportation information, along with local things that happen (for example I follow our local police and county).

    So again, social media is only tool, it’s really how you use it and what you need it for. I got off of Facebook because I felt I wasn’t really getting anything out of it at all and had to constantly change privacy settings along with a multitude of other settings to see who I wanted to see and who I didn’t and it just got to complicated. Plus people were HIGHLY annoying on it – either posting 23847293479 photos of their children (I love kids, but please, no need for daily photos of your child several times a day doing something every.single.kid does) or complaining about something (or annoying me with their political opinions).

    Ok I’ll shut my yap now! :) And also yes, Instagram needs to allow for at least two accounts to easily switch back and forth from. Come on Instagram!

  10. I go in spurts with Twitter, but I do often feel as if I am talking to myself. I like to use it to keep up with news, so I don’t think I’d ever get rid of it, but meh. I am enjoying it more than Facebook lately, though. But FB is a bit more engaging, so there is that!

    It drives me BONKERS when people drive without their headlights on when it is dark. It’s so unsafe! Get it together, drivers.

  11. I feel the same way about twitter – I don’t really use it much anymore. I wish IG would allow multiple sign ins as well. And no headlights on, no turn signals – hate it and notice it on my commute every single day!
    Hope your weekend is wonderful!

  12. I *really* wish IG would get with the program. That being said, I have it on a Droid and there is still no multi-log-in feature. Lame.

    I also really really go crazy when SOMEONE (ahem) opens drawers or cupboards and doesn’t close them. I could probably track the husband to the end of the earth just by following the trail of open drawers.


  13. Twitter is gotten weird, no? I have no interaction there unless I am in a twitter chat. Unfortunately I have some time issue and I hardly manage to participate. But when I do I know why I love twitter. But ever since I signed up for Instagram twitter had to take the back seat. We’ll see how it goes but I won’t quite…
    Have a great weekend, Tobia

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