Pet Peeves


I get annoyed and irritated by people, who…

… say one thing and then go on and do another. Seriously? This is pretty much similar to lying in my book.

… who can’t be honest. With me or themselves. I know that honesty can be a b*tch and it’s not always pleasant, but in the end, honesty is the only thing that works (in my opinion.)

… pass me in the right lane on the freeway. I mean, I know there is no law against passing on the right, but isn’t it widely understood that slower traffic should keep right and that you get in the left lane, if you want to pass? That is like basic escalator-behavior, right? Why not apply this to the streets?

… hug me by not hugging me. Ugh. Either you hug me, or you don’t, but don’t give me one of those “fake-hugs”, where you pretend you like me enough to press your body against mine, but at the same time lean back as far as you possibly can. That’s not a hug, that is awkward.

… have no table manners.

… never are considerate of others, who always think of themselves first. It makes me wonder in what kind of family they were raised or if they had to fight for themselves since early childhood. I know, there is a fine line drawn between standing up for yourself and at the same time being considerate of others. It can be confusing growing up to learn to be helpful and compassionate, while not having other people take advantage and walk all over you. It’s just irritating when you meet people that have not one bit of consideration in their bodies.

… never return phone calls or emails. In this age and time, it is so easy to stay in touch. So freakin’ easy. I mean, it’s not that hard to write a quick text message or email. I don’t expect you to be as communicative as I am, but if someone just completely ignores my attempts to get/keep in touch, it really rubs me the wrong way.

… cut in front of me when in line. I am usually very easy-going and don’t mind letting somebody go ahead of me if they ask me nicely. Hey, I might even offer it when I am in a particularly good mood. What I don’t appreciate is people sneaking up from the side and pretending that they were in line all along.

… don’t use their turn signals properly. You know, I don’t want to be overly dramatic about this, because I am sure I have taken a turn myself without using my turn signal ( only if there were no other cars around though), but if you’re on a busy, five lane freeway using your turn signal is pretty much imperative! Still, a hell of a lot of people don’t seem to think that it is necessary to indicate that they are going to change lanes. I really can’t tell you how many times I’ve witnessed – or been part of – a scenario when a car from the right lane and a car from the left lane were simultaneously trying to change to the middle lane, barely avoiding to crash into each other.

… leave their shopping carts in the parking lot. Especially when they leave them in a parking spot, so that you can’t pull in all the way. I mean, seriously, how hard can it be to walk another few meters to return the cart to the cart return area? It’s not like you have to walk back all the way to the entrance of the store. It’s just common courtesy, you know?

… can’t put away their smart phones while they’re talking to you. I get it. Smart phones are cool. It feels good to be so “connected”. I can get sucked into this myself sometimes. But is is really necessary to glance at your display every 5 minutes while you’re having a face-to-face conversation with someone? Be assured, all the very important messages will be there when you check it again later. Let’s have a conversation right now, shall we?

… complain about other people posting “boring and mundane” things on Twitter and then go ahead and think that their “boring and mundane” tweets are anything special.

… use inside jokes/information to clearly exclude somebody else from taking part in the conversation. Sorry, but that’s just so rude.

… don’t pull up to the next corner/drive way when parking along the curb to make sure that the parking space along the whole length of the curb can be fully utilized. I understand that it’s kind of hard to figure out where to park when no parking spaces are visibly drawn on the street, but the corner/driveway is a clear sign that this is the end of the parking space and there is no need to park 5 feet away from it (or from another car for that matter).

… don’t acknowledge the server at a restaurant, who keep talking while the server is serving food, bringing more iced water, etc. How about a “thank you”?

… call me Sandy, even though I introduced myself as “Sandra”. What gives?

Phew, that’s a long list.

Do you have similar pet peeves? Tell me some of yours!

  1. I do have lots of similar pet peeves! Thank you for posting this! One of my big ones is definitely when people say one thing and do another to keep up appearances. We have a few people like that at work that have been complaining about the new time for devotionals being moved from 9am (work time) to 12:15 (lunch “free” time) yet they still go and act like they enjoy going while they badmouth the bosses and the new time and complain about how they shouldn’t have to give up their lunch breaks behind the scenes. (Then don’t go!)

    I am also very peeved by either being stuck behind very slow people, or stuck in front of people who have no regard for anybody other than their FEET which they insist on ramming into the back of your chair. I’ve had this too many times to count on planes… buses… and it’s the single reason I refuse to go to the cinema!
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  2. I have a lot of the same pet peeves as you do too. One of my newest pet peeves is strangers who try to give me parenting advice. Awhile ago a lady came up to me in a store and told me I needed to change Topher’s diaper because she smelled poop. I was carrying him in his pouch – if he HAD pooped, I would definitely have been able to smell it. I checked him and he was completely dry. I just thought that was so rude …

  3. You have so many of the same pet peeves as me!

    One of the things I would add to this is slow walkers in the mall who suddenly stop in the middle of the walking traffic. Do you do that in your car? No, then don’t do it in the mall. I am usually running through trying to get to a specific store and have to dart around. It is hard to dart with a stroller!

    As for the line cutters! I had one halloween weekend! I was at a social and I was waiting in line to get non-alcoholic drinks for me and my friend who were driving. This other girl wanted to get non-alcoholic drinks too and she thought that she should cut everyone in line because she wasn’t drinking alcohol. But why? Why was she special. I was also getting the non-alcoholic drinks and I waited in line. I didn’t let her cut me, my husband was a sucker and let her. If I realized, I would have said something to her because it was just RUDE!

    AS for the drivers not doing what is supposed to be done…you would HATE to drive in Winnipeg. Sometimes people drive in the left hand lane on the highway when there is no one in the right hand lane!

    I could comment on so many of these because so many of them are my pet peeves too!
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  4. Most of the pet peeves you have are my pet peeves too! One thing that for sure annoys me is when someone announces that their life is horrible & something bad happened to them on Facebook & Twitter but then tell me and others that they’re not ready to talk about it. LIKE REALLY!? then why friggin’ say it in the first place on Facebook & Twitter!?
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  5. My biggest pet peeve? Well that would be when people ask how many dogs I have and I say 4 and they tell me I’m crazy! I would love to ask them to select the dog I should get rid of! Ha! They all are wonderful!!

  6. Soooo what you’re saying is that you had bad manners & bad driving?


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  7. I have come to learn to ignore most of these things. Life in the Army has taught me that because it’s filled with pet peeves and it’s just not worth worrying about every single one of them. Instead I try to show people how it’s done right: Like grabbing a few extra shopping carts and put them where they belong. It makes me feel more powerful. :)

    But wait, there is one thing that really annoys me: Army wives in sweat pants carrying a Coach purse (and Coach wallet and Coach whatnot). It makes me cringe every time!
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  8. I agree with most of your pet peeves and have one which is along the lines of “being considerate of others or saying one thing and doing the other”, people who do not return favors or offer to return them/their help and then never have time or always say “I know I offered but right now is not a good time maybe next week” over and over again.

    I have no problem offering help to others, I sometimes even offer it without knowing if it might be a hassle, I like to invite friends over for dinner, I love interacting with people, etc…but I do expect them to return that. My mom always tells me I shouldn’t expect too much so I won’t be disappointed but that’s kinda hard. I always call friends or neighbors to ask if they want to meet or come over. We unfortunately have the problem right now with my daughters godfather and his gf. They said we can always count on them and call if we need help, they offered to babysit various times…and if we ask for it, its always a bad time for them.

    Also people who do not only use inside jokes in conversations but as status updates on social networks, what’s the point if only 2 of your 145 friends understand it? And talking about social networks, what about people who post updates like “it’s raining and my alarm didn’t go of so I am late FML (fuck my life)” or similar. I totally hate this FML – your own stupid behaviour made you be late and rain happens once in a while – get over it its just a bad day!

    Oh, and I agree with Sheryl, people who suddenly stop right in front of you while walking in the middle of the way. And if you run into them they give you an evil look. I usually say something, if not loud then at least loud enough so they can hear it…like “Im Weg steht man immer am besten”

  9. I could copy and paste almost the whole list ;)

  10. Pet peeves:

    -people who talk but don’t listen, and talk over people.

    -people who can’t commmit to plans or cancel or are always late — so disrespectful. Occasional canceling or lateness is understandable and can’t be controlled. But constantly? Shows you can’t get up off your butt and get stuff done!

  11. Yep I second most of these! Why do people not indicate when they change lanes? It drives me crazy!
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  12. Hahaha I absolutely LOVE this list! And the comments! Ugh, I can’t stand it when people walk sooooooo slowly in front of you in the mall or in the street & then just stop. It drives me crazy! Especially when there is a group and you just can’t get past them no matter how hard you try!
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  13. The turn signal thing drives me crazy. It’s not hard at all to use one!

    And it drives me crazy when people just ignore waitresses or waiters when they’re serving. It’s so rude!
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  14. I TOTALLY get the last one. I get called “Tab” or “Tabby” by my close friends and family, but it’s SO WEIRD (and not appreciated) when someone I’ve just met calls me a nickname after I introduce myself as Tabitha.
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  15. Well, you know, Sandy (bahahahaha!), I have actually caught myself doing the glance at iPhone thing in a conversation. It’s the curse of having an iPhone. I should probably cut it out while I still can.
    I agree with you on most of your pet peeves, wait, I just went through the list again, and I agree on ALL of them. ;)
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