28: On who I am right now


I am…

… completely taken by surprise that it’s already December (in a few days). This holiday season clearly snuck up on me and I feel so not prepared! Looks like I have to wing it a little bit this year. You won’ tell anyone, will you?

… so busy right now. I promise, it’s mostly good things (some of which I will have to tell you about. Soon!), but I feel like I trying to keep a gazillion balls in the air right now. Of course, work also doesn’t slow down for the holidays (why would it?).

… really proud of myself (and even more of my friend Susi!) that I finished the 10k at the Berkeley Half Marathon last weekend. I just never thought I’d have the ambition to sign up for something like this. Also, I know what you’re thinking. I promise I’ll shut up about it already.

… bummed that I won’t be going home for Christmas. Last year, I thought it was a “one-time thing”… I didn’t anticipate that I wouldn’t go home for Christmas two years in a row. But with all the time off that I took in the summer and my contract change at work, I don’t have enough vacation time saved up. It’s all good, though. It’s fantastic to have a dear friend here before the holidays and Christmas will be alright, too. I actually quite enjoyed the peace and quiet last year.

… missing the munchkins.  I love being an aunt and just wish I could have more time with my niece and nephew. They grow up so fast!

… worried about the state of the world. There are so many terrible things happening that I almost feel bad looking forward to the holidays. Does this stuff keep you up at night too?  

… never surprised that every “energy bar” that I try always disappoints. They’re all sweet and gooey. I’d rather have some oats or a banana. 

… hoping to get back into my yoga routine again after the new year. I don’t know what happened… I took a break (that was supposed to last a couple of weeks) and then I got distracted by my running training or something. All this to say, it’s been a few months and I really want to get back to yoga.

… looking forward to going snowboarding/skiing again this winter. The Sierra Nevada has already gotten a ton of snow early (keep it up, El Niño!) and I really  need to make this happen this season! 

  1. I can’t believe it’s December next week either. I am putting up my tree tomorrow and I am hoping that having it up will make it feel more like Christmastime… I don’t know where this year went – it scares me how fast time is going these days! I bet it will be tough to not be with your family at Christmas but I am glad you were able to host a friend over the Thanksgiving Day holiday!

    1. It’s crazy how fast the years fly by!

  2. It’s snuck up on me too – I’m in emergency gift shopping mode as the last posting date to my family is on Friday! I haven’t been to my motherland for 5 years but I’m planning on buying flights today for visiting next July – so excited!

    1. Oh yay! So glad you’ll be going home next summer!

  3. Maybe you can save up vacation time to go next year around Christmas to spend it with your family? I’ve sort of given up any hope of going to see my parents around this time. Now I aim for spring, summer, or fall, which to be honest, I much prefer since the weather is better and we can go outdoors more.

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