Summer goals


1. Visit the Grand Canyon + Antelope Canyon. My parents, sister, BIL + the munchkins will be arriving next week for a few weeks of play and fun! I know I must sound like a broken record by now, but I am just so excited. This is what happens if you only get to see your family for a few short weeks once a year… you can’t stop talking about it when it’s about to happen! They’re finally coming here for the summer and we have some fun things planned. One (or two) of them is taking my sister + BIL to the Grand Canyon + Antelope Canyon, because they’ve never been!

2. Have a BBQ in the park. Since we (still) don’t have a backyard, I want to go to the park for a summer BBQ. It’s one of my favorite summer activities (oh how I miss BBQs in my parents’ backyard) and I can’t wait until we have a grill and patio again.

3. Write more. I wanna get back into the habit of writing more letters, writing in my journal (which I haven’t done in forever!) and establish a more regular posting schedule on this blog. Just write.

4. Take my family out for Sushi. The last time my parents visited (three years ago, gasp!) I introduced them to sushi. They were very reluctant to try it at first, my Mom claimed that she didn’t like raw fish (although she had never tried it, mind you!) and my Dad, generally a food connoisseur, hadn’t had much interest in Asian food at all. Well, let’s just say that by the end of the night, they were total converts! My dad has even asked me repeatedly if we’re going to go have sushi when they’re here. Go figure!
I can’t wait to take them to sushi again (and also introduce my sister + BIL to it :)).

5. Attempt to make homemade ice-cream. I do not have an ice cream maker, but have seen multiple recipes for homemade ice-cream, e.g. popsicles. (I call all of this stuff ice-cream, just FYI.) Since ice-cream is my favorite summer treat, I’d love to give this a try.

6. Start going to the Farmers Market again every week. I loved going to the Farmers Market on Sunday mornings last summer, but even though the Farmers Market is year round, I kind of slacked off during the winter months. I seriously need to get back into a regular Farmers Market routine ASAP.

7. Keep up my workout routine (even if that means – reluctantly – going back to the treadmill when it’s 100+F outside). I cannot let myself slack off this time.

8. Spend more time outdoors. Sometimes I wish the summers were a little bit more moderate where we live (I don’t really do well in the heat, besides the fact that I burn easily and have to be really careful about sun exposure). Nevertheless, I want to find ways to spend more time outside.

9. Get back to using my DSLR. I have to admit, I have gotten kinda lazy lugging my big DSLR around… I really need to get back into the habit of using it and what better excuse than capturing all the beautiful moments of our summer family vacation, right? Exactly.

10. Take my niece and nephew to Disneyland! Pssst, that’s a surprise they don’t know anything about yet. Don’t tell them! :)

What are some of your summer goals?

  1. Rest! Enjoy a less hectic schedule. Write a lot. Finish my second book. Go to Chicago with Hubs. Spend time outside. Walk the dog. Catch fireflies!

  2. Are you going to visit the lower or the upper Antelope Canyon? We are planing our road trip for September and I can’t really decided but tend to the lower canyon…. Let me know where you went and how you liked it, please :)
    Yup, the DSLR. I totally lack using it…. It’s so easy and much more handy to carry your cell with you….
    Disneyland? I love Disneyland and it’s basically around the corner from my house. You guys will have so much fun!
    Sushi is the best. Unfortunately hubby is refusing to try it. Therefore I am always on the hunt for a Sushi date …..

  3. Wünsche Dir eine ganz tolle Zeit mit Deiner Familie. Kann ich total nachvollziehen, dass da die Freude riesig ist. Ich sehe meinen Bruder und seine Familie auch nur selten…und das obwohl sie in Deutschland leben. Macht mir aber sehr viel aus. Genießt die Zeit mit tollen Unternehmungen und Quatschen :-)
    Liebe Grüße

  4. That is a great list of goals! Is sushi not a popular thing in Germany? I’m just wondering since you were the one who introduced it to your parents and will introduce it to your sister? We introduced my parents to it (they don’t have that kind of food in the rural area where they live) and while they were open minded about trying it, they were not fans. :(

    I thought about putting together a summer goal/bucket list but have not got around to doing that yet! The focus of my summer will be getting my workouts in for the marathon and triathlon so I feel like that’s my main focus. But besides that, I plan to host a party in July at my place, get up to the lake home 2-3 times between now and Labor Day, and plan a weekend trip to northern Minnesota with Phil.

  5. I bet the Grand Canyon is going to be LOADS of fun!! Of course you’ll have to take pictures and Instagram some of them. :)

    I was thinking the same thing about spending more time outside. But it is basically like fire + 90% humidity here so I’m basically opting to stay inside and eat as many popsicles as humanly possible. That’s a good summer goal right?

  6. I think my main goal this summer is to move into my own place and get settled. This move will shake up my normal routine a bit, but I’m so ready for it!

  7. Those sound like great goals! We’re still working on our summer to-do list, but spending more time outside, writing more, and working out will definitely be on there. Nathan loves sushi but I’ve never been a big fan, no matter how many times I’ve tried it!

  8. Great list! That’s so exciting your family is coming to visit you soon. And you’re the best aunt ever for taking them to Disneyland! ;)

  9. Ice Cream Recipe my parents always use:
    same parts powdered sugar, whipped cream and fruit (mashed/pureed), we usually use raspberries. Mix all ingredients together and freeze.

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