Summer Tales – Apple Hill and Folsom Lake

I am recapping the three weeks of fun that I had with my family this summer.
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On Thursday ( 8/11) our road trip was coming to an end and we made our way back to Sacramento. For the next few days we had planned to see a little more of the Sacramento vicinity. We used Thursday and Friday for some relaxing and shopping.  We also took Basti out for some pizza at “Chicago Fire”.






Saturday (8/13) we made a trip up into the Sierra Foothills to “Apple Hill” –  with its many apple orchards and wineries. We were a little early for the apple harvest, which happens in the fall, but we were still able to buy some fruit at the “Boa Vista Orchards”.


Then we went wine tasting at Madroña Vineyards.



Even I tried some wine (and I am not really a wine drinker – and apparently also not the daughter of my parents as they both like “dry wine”, whereas I prefer “sweet wine”, if I drink any at all.)


On our way back to Sacramento, we stopped at Folsom Lake. I have to admit, after all the years I have lived in Sacramento, I had not been at Folsom Lake before. It’s a shame, really, because it’s a beautiful lake, even though it’s a reservoir and artificially formed by Folsom Dam, which controls the American River.

The dam and lake are a multipurpose project that provides flood control, hydroelectricity, drinking water and water for irrigation. It also provides many recreational opportunities for hiking, swimming, biking, running, camping, picnicking, horseback riding, water-skiing and boating.


We found a nice shady place under a tree and enjoyed the beautiful day and a beautiful view.



Back in Sacramento, we decided to have Mexican food for dinner. Basti is a big fan and had been wanting to eat Mexican for almost the entire trip. We were all so stoked about the food that there are, sadly, no pictures. Just imagine plates of delicious burritos, rice, beans and guacamole!

stay tuned.

  1. That pizza looks so fabulous and totally yummy!I would love a bite!!!

  2. Argh, now I am hungry. And it’s only early morning over here.
    Guess I should have some breakfast!

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