A lesson in patience

Are you a patient person? Most people say that I am and they’re probably right. I have a lot of perseverance, I don’t give up easily and I can wait for things to fall into place. I am an eternal optimist and always believe that things will work out. Eventually.

Although sometimes, I wish that ‘eventually’ was a little sooner rather than later. I’ve done my fair share of “waiting things out” in my life and sometimes I wonder if that was always the right thing to do.

I know, waiting is usually not a good strategy. If you want things to happen, you have to make them happen (or so they say). But what if you’re pushing and working hard and things get within arm’s reach just to be dangled in front of your face always an inch or two too far to grab? When do you stop reaching?

The last few  months have just been mentally exhausting. Actually, the last year and a half has been mentally exhausting. I have talked a few times about this “limbo state” at my work that I have been in for (dare I say it? years!) much too long and after being on the brink of almost being let go at the end of May last year and my head spinning out of control with worry about “where am I going to look for a new job?”, “where are we going to move?”, “what are we going to do?”, things turned around (somewhat) last minute and now it looks like we’re here to stay after all.

However, my job situation is still not resolved. It’s frustrating to say the least.

I’ve been working here for almost 8 years. I have had my citizenship for 3+ years now (the ONE requirement that prevented me from being hired directly by the government agency in the first place), and yet, my contractor status has still not been converted to a more permanent position. I’ve missed out on regular raises, job security and the general feeling of being an equal to my co-workers and I sometimes wonder how and why  I have “stuck it out” for eight freakin’ years.

Like I said earlier… “the ‘carrot’ was always dangled right in front of my face” and I have a lot of patience and general optimism, or else I would have quit here a long time ago.

More importantly: I love my job (most days). I like my co-workers. I like my physical work place. These are hard things to let go of when faced with decisions you don’t want to make. I know so many people who don’t like what they do or have horrible co-workers and just dread going to work every day.

That is not me. I enjoy my job  and I work hard it. But I also think that I finally deserve some appreciation, too. I honestly can’t believe for how long I have been talking about this.

  1. I’m frustrated for you. This has been going on for far too long. I wish I could offer you some reassuring words, but just know I’m here for you if you want to talk.

  2. Oh it is frustrating. I will cross my fingers that this will finally resolve!

  3. I wish I had some sage advise. I want to suggest that you give them an ultimatum – hire me on or I’m out of here! But that only works if your willing to leave based on principle. I wonder why they are stringing you along! That makes me so incredibly mad for you! After 8 years they should know whether or not they want and or appreciate your work. Is it a tactic to avoid the raises and benefits? If so, that’s just cheap and offensive. Can you present a new contract offer or amend your current contract with more money, etc? I want to help you! You deserve it!!! <3

  4. Ugh. That is really really frustrating. You’ve hung in there for a long time so I hope you get some news soon. I am NOT a patient person. At all. I have perseverance and stick-to-it-ivensess, but I get impatient very quickly.

  5. Hi there! I just came across your blog through SimplyAlli and I already love your perspective, sense of adventure and your way of expressing yourself through your writing! Excited to be following you!

  6. This is EXTREMELY frustrating. And ridiculous. I don’t understand why it’s taking them so long. Have they provided you with a reason? Worst case scenario, can you look for another job and potentially get something new? Or not worth doing so just yet? I hope this gets resolved soon.

  7. It is just absolutely insane how your job is stringing you along. And it’s NOT ok! But it’s so hard to just… leave… when you enjoy the work and your coworkers. Leaving my last job was easy because I was extremely underpaid and I hated the work. I would probably suggest doing some light job searching. See what’s out there and start making plans to find a job where your skills are appreciated more. Hugs!

  8. That’s so frustrating, I can’t believe they’ve been stringing you along for so long! I do contract work too and I hate that it’s so unpredictable. I do as much – or more! – work as my co-workers in the office but have no benefits or job security. I enjoy working from home but it would enjoy it a lot more with a set schedule and permanent contract! I hope everything gets resolved for you soon!

  9. You know what I will say:)

    But I will say it anyway.

    Start looking at the private sector.

    They are taking the piss with you. People will take advantage of you as long as you let them. This is bullshit. Look at the private sector, see what you are worth and waht your options are, use that against them.

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