What’s wrong with people?

You certainly have heard about the shootings in Virginia [who hasn’t?].

My first thought was, once again, “What the hell is going on in the heads of people who do these horrible, horrible things?”. I don’t understand it. I can’t even remotely wrap my mind around it.

I can somewhat comprehend why someone who has experienced violence or abuse would want to kill someone else. But actually going out and doing it? Going out and randomly shooting innocent people and then shooting oneself in the face?
I don’t know – that seems impossible to understand.

I’ve been torn between constantly checking the news and turning off the TV and computer to NOT see or hear about it anymore. Something like that makes me terribly sad and it makes me doubt that there is anything good left in this world. In fact, there are so many more things wrong with this world that I sometimes have a hard time to still see the good through all of the wrongness.

But I do have an unbowed belief that people are good deep down inside and often just the product of an unbalanced society. If the people in charge would just step up sometimes and do what they should be doing… like taking away that stupid second amendment, so that the access to obtain a gun is not as easy as it was for this lost College student and instead get people like him some help.

  1. i couldn’t believe it when C turned on the TV yesterday in the morning. i just heard him say “oh sh*t” and went to see what was going on… :( i read this morning that he was upset about his gf breaking up with him. WTF? so you go out and kill her, 30+ other innocent people?

    but i feel the same as you. i DO believe that people are good and i KNOW the majority are. what i absolutely can’t stand is the US-coverage of tragedies like that. i felt the same way when anna nicole smith died. why show the same video over and over again? why question some guy who happened to film the shooting at the school with his cellphone (outside the school so you just see police and hear shots) for 10+ minutes showing those 20 seconds of video over and over again. “did you feel like your life was in danger?” “were you scared?” “how exactly did the gunshots sound?” – seriously…

    and i totally second your last paragraph. there’s gotta be something wrong with society when “average” kids start to walk out and kill fellow students/teachers… oh and i loved mr. B’s first response: “there’s nothing wrong with the gun-laws in this country” MAN!

  2. Ugh yeah sick sad world…. I’m just worried that someone know gets the idea of wanting to top this and me his shooting the most horrible ever. Oh BTW ever noticed that it’s always guys, never girls? Bah.

  3. i dont even know what to say anymore. what a freak, turns out he was quite scary for a while. why did noone help him or watch out for him. obviously he has been a “threat” for a while. so scary. i was so scared at college yesterday. better be nice to everyone now, seems like he just stalked that girl and then one day decided to shoot her. how crazy. what a pain one person can cause, and why? i will never understand.

  4. Sanna is right, it´s always guys. In Germany, too. But why, i don´t know. I saw the news and thougt “Why”, why would someone do it? I can´t believe it. Why did´nt he talk with someone, or something else… it makes me scared.

    PS: I posted the pic.

  5. I really, really was in shock and still am. The, let’s call him murderer, even sent a letter and a video to a TV station. I figure he was someone, that desperately wanted some attention and didn’t get it. Truely a lost soul… :(

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