This was 38


Well, it’s my birthday (week) again and I thought it would be fun to reflect on my 38th year by sharing  some moments and things that made the past year great. The year itself wasn’t really anything spectacular, meaning that there were no big changes (more a lot of unknowns) or accomplishments, but since I always like to focus on the positive, let’s see which moments and things did stand out as memorable (in no particular order).

Our belated anniversary trip to Vegas in July (including tickets to the NKOTB Dark tour + Cirque de Soleil).

Being creative.

A long girls’ weekend in Los Angeles with Caryn.

Seeing Paul McCartney in concert…

…and sitting on the Central Perk Couch, because F·R·I·E·N·D·S.

Surprising my sister (and rest of the family) by showing up unannounced for my niece’s first day of school (I realized I never blogged about it, WHAT?).

Getting to ride horses again.

Pretty sunrises and sunsets.

Falling in love with a kitty.

Good coffee from my Chemex.

Celebrating into the new year in the snow.

Experiencing my first jury duty.

Friday nights hanging out at home listening to music and talking with J.

Participating in the Postal BookClub and reading more again.

Long phone calls with far away friends + family.

Spending a day with my friend Jenny in San Francisco.

Getting back into running.

Getting to visit Devil’s Post Pile Monument.

Watching Germany win the World Cup.

Day trips to San Francisco.

Celebrating Christmas for the first time alone as a couple, but making the best of it.

Attending the annual Causeway Classic football game again.

Girl time with Susi.

Re-watching F·R·I·E·N·D·S (Thank you, Netflix).

A blog re-design.

A drive through Yosemite National Park.

Finding the Boston Starbucks City Mug Skyline Edition on eBay.

Happy mail in my mailbox.

Getting my first pair of Saltwater Sandals.

Spontaneous date nights.

Trips to the Farmers Market.

Buying myself some stacking rings.

Spending time in SoCal.

Lazy Saturday mornings with freshly brewed coffee and no plans for the day.


Surprising my parents for the 40th wedding anniversary. From 6000 miles away! That was exciting!

Opening an Etsy shop with a dear friend.


  1. happy birthday week! i still think there are some notable accomplishments on that list of yours! :) you sure love to plan surprises, and loooove that you opened up an etsy shop for your crafts.

  2. Happy Birthday again.
    I love your list and there are some amazing things on there. Also there are accomplishments: easy shop, running, surprises…
    Have a great weekend, Tobia

  3. Happy birthday again! I hope that you have had a fantastic week and that the year to come is a wonderful one!! You definitely filled 38 with lots of great experiences and memories!!

  4. hurray for such a fabulous year & hurray your birthday xoxo

  5. That sounds like quite the wonderful list! Happy birthday lady!!

  6. I always find excellent perspective when I look back at my year and see who I spent time with, where I went, what I got to do, etc. For, how can any particular year be exceedingly memorable if they all are? Rather, each year could be baseline wonderful in order to give perspective for that out-of-this-world year that just might be #39! =)

  7. Happy Belated Birthday, San! Thirty-eight sounds like it was a great year for you. I hope 39 is even better for you! :)

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