Goodbye 2014, hello 2015.


My idea of a perfect start into any new year? Bundled up in freezing temperatures somewhere in the snowy mountains … as you can tell from my Cheshire Cat grin, it was a good start.

This trip to the mountain? That is a perfect representation of the word that I chose for 2015.


It’s a little word with just three letters, but it’s something that I want to take to heart this year. In past years, there were a lot of reasons for talking about things a lot, but not really (being able for one reason or another) putting them into action. Now is not a good time is what I heard myself say lot. This year I want this to be different. Now is the time and the trip to Tahoe over New Year’s was the first step.

I don’t really set many goals (or resolution or whatever you want to call them) at the beginning of a new year, because if I am perfectly honest, I am usually planning and scheming all the time and any day of the year is a good day for resolutions.
But regardless, the new year  does always provide a blank slate (and a fresh, untouched planner with seemingly unlimited possibilities, if that is something that is as exciting for you as it is for me!) and therefore it comes naturally that we think about goals and changes this time of year.

So, I want to plan more and stick to those plans this year and make living in the here and now a priority.

Instead of just talking about how we should take more trips, I’d like to just do it. Decide on a whim to just get away for the weekend. Travel to places – especially places that are so close, but I haven’t been to –  when we feel like it. Who says we can’t just get up on a Saturday morning and drive? Ok, admittedly, I usually like a little bit more planning than that, but you get the idea.

I’d like to use my time more wisely. I sometimes fall into the trap of saying that I don’t have time to do this or that, but I know that this is not true. I don’t make time.  Don’t get me wrong, I’d still love it if the day had 48 hours, but that’s just wishful thinking. I think I’d still feel like I don’t have enough time if the day did have 48 hours. Admittedly, my biggest problem is that I have a hard time setting priorities. It feels like I want to do everything and I’ve been that way as long as I can remember. It’s always been hard for me to chose one activity over another. I also know that sometimes the sheer amount of options paralyzes me (and I end up doing nothing – at least not anything productive in my opinion) and I’d like to find a way to use my time more efficiently and not feel frustrated when the evening hours have slipped through my fingers yet again. Maybe it means that I have to plan a routine in advance that I can stick to and which will leave less room for indecisiveness during the week.

I’d really like to work on getting into a regular exercise routine again. I have been going to yoga pretty consistently and I have had on-and-off phases where I ran more regularly and then fell out off it again. I’d like to turn this into a more consistent routine this year. Now is the time.

I’d like to keep up our cooking routine, be more mindful of the food that we buy and put into our bodies. I think we’ve been pretty good this last year, but there is always stuff to improve on. When if not now?

I’d like to make more local friends. It’s been a challenge for various reasons in the last few years and I didn’t put a whole lot of effort in last year, frankly because there was a possibility that we weren’t going to be here much longer. But now that it looks like we’re going to stay around (at least for now), it would be nice to try and find some like-minded people to hang out with.

I’d like to continue to create. Crafting is my biggest outlet and my biggest joy. I want to learn new things and improve on my skills. Now is as good a time as ever.

 What is your guiding word for 2015? Did you pick one?
Or have you made any resolutions or set goals for this coming year?

  1. LOVE all of this! Perfect word for the New Year & love the goals. I didn’t set any this year, but Create is a great one I may have to borrow.

  2. I almost want to steal your word! I am the biggest procrastinator and a lot of my inspiration lately (meaning the past few years) has been to just say “yes” and stop waiting for the perfect time for things. Like going to BiSC! I feel like I have a lot of goals but no starting point – I’ll have to sit with all my thoughts and focus on one or two main things so I don’t drive myself crazy.

  3. San,
    Happy New Year and my it be an exciting one! I love love having anew planner filling it with goals, plans and birthdays and stuff. Unfortunately the one I want to get is sold out and I am kinda lost, hoovering somewhere between last year and now…
    I also know the problem of doing everything right now and being paralyzed in the end most likely ending up watching a tv show…
    I do like your word. I was somewhat thinking about appreciation – for me for others for situations… But I need my planner otherwise I am left hanging
    Have a great day,

  4. fantastic choice of a word for your year! :) i always have trouble of trying to overcommit myself with everything when i really need to hone in on a few things that are more meaningful.

    also more crafting for me in 2015!

  5. I’m the same way (in wanting to do all the things right now). I want to do everything, but end up not doing much at all because I lack any organization skills. That’s been me most of my life. I really haven’t found a way of changing it. I think it’s mostly because I’m tired. I spend over 12 hours a day at work and commuting (sometimes the gym). So when I get home, I have no more energy for anything. On the weekend I run around doing errands, which again, doesn’t leave time to do what I want or really just get some rest.

    Soooooo I basically have no resolutions for this year. Ok maybe attempt to get some more sleep. ;)

  6. First of all I love that photo of the two of you! And your word for 2015 is a great choice! Now is important- I tend to think about what will be, worrying if all will be ok which leads to me forgetting about the now! Wishing you all the best for 2015 and that you may accomplish all you set out for! xxx

  7. I haven’t completely settled on my word yet, but I want it to be something about remaining open and hopeful for all the changes my life is going to go through over this next year, especially when it comes to living on my own! Change is terrifying for me, and I can put up a lot of resistance to it, and I hope to be more open to it this year.

  8. Ooh, I like the word you have chosen! It’s so easy to push off things and think we will do them later… One thing that moving to Charlotte taught me was that you have to seize the day and DO things because you don’t know when life is going to change. So in the past year I have tried to take advantage of the area I live and do as much as I can.

    I didn’t pick a word for the year, but if I had to, I’d pick peace. Last year was wonderful but it was chaotic at times and it contained a lot of stress/change so this year I am hoping for more peace. I want my weekends to contain more peaceful moments and I want to continue to work on feeling at peace with where I am at in life.

    Btw – Phil and I are going to Santa Barbara in February for a little getaway! I know you’ve been there before so let me know if there are any must see/do activities/restaurants/etc. We’ll spend 3 nights there and then 1 more night in another area, maybe in the Santa Monica area or something like that, so 4 nights total in the area. I can’t wait! :)

  9. Love, love, love this. Definitely take more trips (if you come to NYC or somewhere by here, you must let me know!), eat all the delicious and good-for-you foods, and make all the friends! You are a lovely human being so I’m sure they’d love to have you as a friend.

    My word is vitality–doing things that make me come alive! :)

  10. “It’s always been hard for me to chose one activity over another. I also know that sometimes the sheer amount of options paralyzes me”
    Well, THIS (like you have put so well into words) is exactly my problem…and the reason I chose my blog name…and also the reason I rarely update it…LOL
    Love your word and guess I need to find one too and stick to it!

  11. I may have to paint the word “now” and hang it somewhere around my room.

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