Another SoCal weekend


We headed down to Southern California this last weekend to spend some time with J’s family and especially our (other) little nephew, Sebastian. We haven’t seen him much (as J’s brother and wife just recently moved back to Southern California), so we’re playing a little bit of catch up on the ‘aunt-and-uncle-part’. Luckily, Sebastian wasn’t shy at all and immediately brought me his toys begging me to play.


I spent Friday afternoon with my MIL perusing the many shops on Ventura’s Main Street (and I snatched up a pretty awesome maxi-skirt) and then we treated ourselves to some iced coffee and cake. We had dinner with the family later that night and hung out watching the Olympics and some detective TV show.

Saturday morning, I headed to Thousands Oaks to meet up with my friend Maegan. Hooray! I am so glad we were able to make this happen again. After a stroll through the mall and some shopping, we ended up having lunch at Red Robin, Maegan’s favorite burger joint. Since I had never eaten there, I happily agreed to try it out. My Bleu Burger was delicious!

Bleu Burger

I also had our signature drink, a Tiger Woods, again.

Tiger Woods


I got back around 2 p.m., we hung out around the house for a while and then headed to Ventura Harbor Village to walk around and grab some dinner at a local seafood restaurant.



Then we headed over to the beach (yay!) to enjoy the sunset. It was beautiful and Sebastian had so much fun putting his feed in the water with me!



Sunday morning I went for a walk with my MIL, we had coffee on the patio and just enjoyed the nice morning breeze. Seriously, the weather was so nice. It was awesome to escape the 100+ F weather for the weekend. Funnily enough, people kept complaining about how hot it was and it amused me quite a bit as 85F and a nice breeze are not really that bad, in my humble opinion.

Other good things this weekend:

morning walks ♥ Panera ♥ sand between my toes ♥ a little shopping ♥ coffee  ♥ a nice breeze ♥ sleeping in ♥ REAL SIMPLE magazine ♥ hanging out ♥ yummy food ♥

How was your weekend, peeps?

  1. i love the Central Coast! :) what gorgeous photos. my weekend = spending time with Ryan and his family. just relaxing when I can.

  2. Wonderful photos – what a fun trip! So glad you and Maegan got to meet again – one day I will be there as well!
    Panera and sand between your toes sounds awesome! I really miss Panera!
    Hugs xxx

  3. What a fun & pretty weekend! Next time you’re headed south Cali, let me know! We have to meet some day, definitely!

  4. Looks like an awesome weekend! It is so funny how heat is relative. When I was in the Pacific NW for Amber’s weekend, people were talking about how it was SO hot and I was thinking it felt nice because it wasn’t humid, whereas in Minnesota it was about 95 and extremely humid!

    I am glad that little Sebastian warmed up to you guys right away!!

  5. Sounds like an awesome weekend! I’m so bummed I didn’t make it out to So Cal this summer. I haven’t been in too long. :P

  6. The beach looks beautiful! I’m hoping to get a visit in with the ocean before summer is totally done – I really need to wiggle my feet in the sand.

  7. Fun to see your weekend wrap-up, and so happy to have been a part of it. LOVE hanging out with you!!


  8. Your food pictures always make me so hungry (literally had to get up just now to find a snack, lol!) Also, love that sunset on the beach photo at the end. I wish I lived close enough to visit SoCal… That’s a dream!

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