7: Currently Vol. 15


Current Book(s): I am re-reading “Outlander” by Diana Gabaldon. No, I won’t be watching the TV series.

Current Playlist: A couple of podcasts.

Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure: Whole grain crackers + spicy hummus.

Current Color: cranberry red.

Current Drink: Vanilla-honey-chamomile tea. 

Current Food: home-baked bread.

Current Favorite Show: “The McCarthy’s”.  Thursday evenings on CBS. Light-hearted and hilarious.

Current Wishlist: A washer and dryer (currently writing this sitting at the laundromat).

Current Needs: Positive news on the job-side. No, I haven’t lost my job as I recently feared, but my contract is still in limbo. Sigh.

Current Bane(s) of my Existence: Feeling that time is flying so ridiculously fast. Can we slow it down a bit, universe?

Current Celebrity (Girl) Crush: Lisa Ling. I think she’s an excellent journalist.

Current Outfit: Jeans, Hoodie, socks.

Current Excitement: Fall. And the holiday season. I am really looking forward to the colder season.

Current Link: I am really enjoying my friend Maries’ blog recently.  She’s doing NaBloPoMo, too. Check it out!

  1. I had to use a laundromat before we bought our current place ~ I didn’t mind it for quiet time to do homework but I don’t think I could survive without my own washer and dryer now that I’ve had the privilege for a few years!

    I love that photo ~ we got a huge dump of snow today, no more pretty fall colours :(

  2. Ahhmahgaahd! Your apartment doesn’t have a washer/dryer? Ugh. I do not miss those days. I always think it should be a requirement to have those in any apartment/house. I used to drag my laundry bag in below freezing temperatures to the laundromat when I lived in Boston. (One of the very few things I don’t miss about living in Boston.)

    Thanks so much for mentioning me! I’m enjoying your posts as well!

  3. I’m watching The McCarthy’s, too! It’s hilarious!

  4. I don’t know how I haven’t watched The McCarthy’s yet. Joey Mac on TV!? I need to remedy this!

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