6: Awkward & Awesome


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  • Only ⅓ of the eligible population turned out for the election on Tuesday. People, you don’t know what a privilege it is to vote. I lived in the US for almost 10 years paying full taxes and everything and had no voting rights before I became a citizen. I never appreciated my right to vote more than when I started my life here and didn’t have it and it was really important to me to get it back.
  • The window cleaning for our apartment building has been rescheduled and canceled three times in the last three weeks. Might as well cancel completely, as cleaning hasn’t happened ever in the 3,5 years we’ve been living there. (Don’t even try to imagine the state of our windows.I am keeping the blinds shut, mostly.)
  • People that say one thing and then do another. You know, everybody can change their minds once in a while. No big deal. But if it’s a pattern? It makes things awkward.
  • Not knowing how to bring up an issue with my downstairs neighbor. She’s been playing loud music at odd hours lately and I really don’t know how to bring it up without being a stickler. I assume it’s not even on her radar that her music is so loud that it might bother others, but it is getting kind of annoying. I don’t really mind on weekend nights, but 6:30 am? Although I am up at that time during the week, I don’t necessarily need club music blasting from below to get my day going.


  • I have an un-expected 5-day-weekend in front of me. Tomorrow is my regular day off (RDO) and Tuedsay is a holiday (Veteran’s day), so I switched my RDO next week from Friday to Monday and voíla, 5-day-weekend! Don’t mind if I do!
  • I got some happy mail this week! Tina is the sweetest and sent me super-cute Halloween-greeting (including a bag of pumpkin spice tea!) and I received a package from my mom with new (long-gradient) yarn and some yummy German goodies. I love happy mail days!
  • Added some cinnamon to my coffee this morning. Declaring that the holiday season begins now!
  • I am very excited about the “Postal bookclub” that I signed up for through Kathleen’s blog. I’ll be sending my book out this weekend and can’t wait to see which book I will receive in the mail  and from whom!
  • The Newsroom”(Season 3) returns on HBO this Sunday. Cue the excitement! I am really sad it’s going to be the last season though. I thought this show really had some potential. Oh well, proves once again that my taste in TV shows is not always mainstream.
  • Making a trip to “World Market” and splurging on German foods, some of which are ridiculously expensive here, because I had a $10 off- coupon! Win!
  1. awesome that you get a five day weekend! :) what are you going to do with that time?

    bummer to hear about the loud neighbor!

  2. Enjoy your 5 day weekend! I get Tuesday off and can’t wait. I love random days off during the week. :) Something awkward is the coworker who sits about 3 feet from me. He drives me up the wall with his random comments. Something awesome is that it’s Julia Child Night this weekend!

  3. You’re welcome. :)
    I WOULD LOVE A FIVE DAY WEEKEND. You should document it with photos. Hehe.
    Good luck with your neighbor, tricky situation!!!
    We live on the top floor of a duplex house and our windows make me sad, too. Make taking pics of our view unappealing. So much sad.

  4. Ahhhh a 5-day weekend…what’s that like again? I’m counting down the days until Thanksgiving since I get the regular four (2 weekdays + weekend).

    A friend of mine was recently telling me how she’s so bothered by a neighbor of their’s (one of two, she’s not sure which one) who keeps complaining about her and her boyfriend being so loud (they are not loud, they are the opposite of loud). She actually said that she really wished the individual would just go talk to them about it so they could resolve this. So maybe bring her a small bag of cookies (very small) and say something like “hey, would you be so kind as to keep your music down during certain hours of the day?” Never know, could work!

  5. World Market is the best! I love that store. I’m curious to know what goodies you got.

  6. I’m not sure what your landlord situation is, but maybe bring it up to them? The most they could probably do is give them a warning, but it’s better than nothing. Of course, it means you might make enemies if they would know it was you who said something. Hmm. Tricky situation!

    I’m mailing out my book for the Postal Book Club this weekend, too! I’m so excited for this!

  7. Apartment maintenence can be such a pain. We’ve had some major issues in ours these last couple months (collapsed cabinet, broken garbage disposal) and it’s taking forever to get them fixed! :P

    Hope you’re enjoying your 5-day weekend! I was so bummed because I was told I had Veteran’s Day off at my job but it turns out we have to work. LAME.

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