15: Friday Facts


I still haven’t booked my Christmas travel and I am getting a bit nervous, because airline prices are crazy. I am so determined to  find affordable flights though. We need to  go home for Christmas. Mostly for my own sanity.

• • •

Our new office is the weirdest when it comes to temperature. We’re on the 5th floor and have a corner office (= many windows) and it seems like the thermostat can never hold a steady temperature. In the morning it’s cold, in the afternoon it gets hot (or, if the AC is actually working, it’s blasting cold air). Another office that I use (yeah, I have multiple work stations) is a windowless room towards the middle of the building and it’s alway hot. I don’t know, wouldn’t you think that the maintenance people would have the heating and cooling down?

• • •

I am so excited, because I finally put my Gelaskins-gift card that was in our swag-bag at BiSC to use this week. For the longest time, I could not decide which design to get. Now I am excited to show you which one I chose. On a different note, has anyone used Gelaskin under another (transparent) iphone cover?

• • •

Last weekend, I had a long overdue phone talk with one of my best friends from home. Friends like her are really good for the soul.

• • •

I’ve got out my yarn last weekend and I am so excited to be working on some small holiday projects over the next few weeks. I think I’ll have to go to Michaels, JoAnn’s and/or Hobby Lobby sometime soon. What’s your favorite craft store?  Oh, and I’ve also started my holiday shopping this week. (Yeah, I feel so smug for starting so early! Have you?)


  1. I hope you’re able to find decently priced flights! I know that can be really stressful. I’m already feeling the stress thinking about buying presents and how much it will cost us. We can do this!

  2. I am crossing my fingers for you to find a cheap flight!! I haven’t even let myself think about Christmas. I am very organized in general, but I am a 2 days before kind of shopper ha!

  3. I have pulled out my knitting lately, too! I finished up some arm warmers that I had been working on FOREVER. And now I am working on a beret-style winter hat.

    I really really hope you find reasonable air fare soon!

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