Pet Peeves


1. Instagram Overload. Please do me — and everyone else — a favor and don’t use Instagram as a place to dumb all of the photos that you took in one day. Pick one, maybe two. Instagram is a sharing platform and I love to be part of your life by seeing your pictures every day, but Instagram is not a photo backup platform.

2. Bad tippers. Tipping is something I had to get used to here in the US (we do tip in Germany, but it’s not mandatory and the amounts are really small —  you basically round up to the next Euro, or two.) However, I know that tipping is part of the waiter’s wage here, so I make an effort to tip people generously, especially when they went out of the way to provide friendly service. It’s just part of the expense.

3. Head-in-the-clouds bicyclists. I can’t really tell you why, but it drives me bonkers when bicyclists — when they actually manage to ride on the streets as they’re supposed to (don’t get me started on the sidewalk bicyclists!) — don’t obey traffic signs/lights.

4. Bad parking. I see it every day. Every day. I don’t really know what is so hard about parking your vehicle between the lines that have been provided for your guidance.

5. Clueless baristas. If you work in a coffee shop, you should know the difference between a Café Latte and a Latte Macchiato.

6. Discontinued products. I get so annoyed when I find a product that I really, really like and then it gets discontinued. Argh. I mean, I don’t know if I should feel special for having such an exclusive taste or if I should feel just mad. Probably the latter.

7. People who interrupt other people constantly, because they clearly think what they have to say is more important or something. There are some of those individuals on TV who ask questions and then never wait for the other person to finish their response. Annoying.

8. Slow Internet. I know this seems a little first-worldish, but I have no patience for slow Internet.

What are some of your pet peeves?

  1. I don’t have instagram, but everything else I agree with! Especially bicyclists – they give me a fright every time I drive near the university. As to your first-world problem, if you have not seen it already, you need to look up Weird Al Yankovic’s First World Problems. SO FUNNY! And maybe it’ll cheer you up. :)

  2. GO! hahahaha omg, I’m loving your soap box moment! Totally feeling you on 2, 4, 6, 7, & 8. I had an especially bad #7 with a DOCTOR! I cried all the way home… I also concur on #8, although that is my internet at home. Slower than dial up! GAH! It is soooo super annoying and yes, our very own first world problem. I have many soap boxes but my biggest are uninformed and incapable voters. I feel like my vote is cancelled out by the moronity allowed to make decisions. I’m not a hater, I just have a legitimate excuse. May I invade this space momentarily?? It was about 9 or 10 years ago and I dutifully enter my polling place and get settled into a booth. Suddenly I hear and man and woman in the next booth over discussing the ballot. The man beckons a poll attendant over and says “Which guy do I vote for?” The polling attendant says “Sir, I can not tell you that, you need to decide on your own.” Again the man says, “But which guy should I vote for.” Again, the attendant politely explains that he needs to make his own decision. After the third attempt the attendant walks over and exclaims, “Sir, this is a proposition, not a person.” Thank you America. This guy, who appears homeless, has now decided how MY tax dollars are being spent despite the fact that he hasn’t generated any in the last 10 years AND doesn’t even know the difference between a person and a proposition. Yes, I believe that every citizen has a right to decide who and how our country is run, but I do not recognize my vote as a viable and respected count when there are more than plenty of those who are just there to play connect the dots. Needless to say I have not voted but once since then and that was because my mother gave me a guilt trip. Sigh….

  3. I don’t have instagram but I agree with the rest! I also hate when people don’t use crosswalks, even if there’s one like ten feet away from them. It drives me nuts!

  4. Instagram overload is the worst! I am guilty of more than a few somedays, but those that upload 50 of the same(ish) picture are just annoying. I immediately unfollow.

  5. Oh I am so with you on #4. Hello if you do not know how to park, specially when parking spaces are rare (hello, big city) Don’t drive if you can’t handle it. Drives me crazy and I don’t even own a car…
    And I do hate #8. I’ve got a life to live not waste it in front of a computer waiting…

  6. OH, the discontinued products. I feel you there, hugely. My fave perfume was discontinued last year and I don’t know what I’m going to do. Great peeves list, San!

  7. Ha, it annoys me when people post a ton of photos to IG, too. I don’t mind frequent posts throughout the day when someone is traveling or doing something special but when someone posts like 5-6 photos in a row I am just like – why???

    Let’s see… some of my pet peeves are people who are late and people who clip their nails at work (gross).

  8. yes to all of this. I’d also add on to Instagram the people that use more hashtags that their entire summary of the photo. no need for that many hashtags, my goodness.

    and good lord, people that interrupt? drive me bonkers.

  9. Yes, yes, yes, eight times yes! My gosh! It drives me crazy how bad some people park / drive / ride their bikes. So stupid! LOL

  10. Amen to #2! I hate when I go out of my way to give excellent service and then only get a 5-10% tip. :P

  11. I definitely judge people based on how they tip and if they don’t tip enough, then I’m just annoyed. I think our system is silly here, granted, that waitstaff rely on tips, but whatever.

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