Friday Facts


I took a sick day this week (because of a legitimate raging headache) and I felt bad about it. What has become of me? I shouldn’t feel bad for staying home and taking care of myself, but the mentality here unfortunately is a little different. (This should be another “Things you didn’t know…”-post: did you know that you don’t have to ‘earn’ your sick days in Germany? Yeah…).

* * *

We finally finished ‘Breaking Bad’ this week. It was nerve-racking, to say the least. I can’t really say that I loved the show… by the end, none of the characters seemed likable to me anymore. But it was a good show. I just thought that they could have ended the show a couple of episodes earlier than they did (the finale was ok, but not my favorite). What should we watch next?

* * *

This week marked the official beginning of the baseball season and I couldn’t be happier! The Red Sox had a good start with a 2:1 win over the Baltimore Orioles. They’re playing the Milwaukee Brewers this weekend.

* * *

I’ve been collaborating with my aunt – via Whatsapp – on some knitting projects. It’s fun to exchange ideas, patterns and yarn suggestions. I am currently working on two different pieces – a shawl and a small blanket. What are you working on?

* * *

It’s been a rainy week and I kind of like it. It’s going to be hot here soon enough.

Happy Friday!

  1. Parenthood and Friday Night Lights are my loves right now. We’ve also just started House of Cards. I agree with you about Breaking Bad. That show just depressed me!

  2. I always felt bad taking sick days, even though I never took them unless I was legitimately sick! At my job we were “allowed” 2.2/month immediately upon hire – some of the other girls used them every single month but I think I might have used 2 the entire year, if even. We’re watching Dr. Who :)

  3. Have you ever watched the show Felicity? J probably wouldn’t like it but it’s one of my all time favorite series! I binge watched it when I first got netflix years ago and if I still had netflix, that would be my go to show when I had a night in with no plans!

    I am working on a shawl right now which I feel like I will be working on for a VERY long time because it has a confusing pattern and I am not knitting much these days as I have a lot of other distractions… but it’s nice to pick up when I have a TV show to catch up on or something like that.

  4. Well. It is still completely an add concept for me that I can take a sick day in this country after spending my entire adult life in the US…..I haven’t taken a single one yet!

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