13: Friday Facts


This week, we had a potluck at work. We don’t really have a lot of social gatherings at work and it was nice to mingle and get to know some of the people in our building. Unless you’re working with someone on a project directly, you usually don’t really interact with other colleagues in the office. I got to know many new people and was able to connect names with faces. There was also so. much. food. I prepared a spiced apple cider and it was delicious! 

* * *

I finished the book for the Postal Bookclub, just in time to send it off to the next person. Kathleen has done a great job organizing the bookclub and it has helped me to get back into a regular reading routine 

* * *

I usually think of Friday, the 13th as a lucky day. I have no negative associations when Fridays and 13ths fall on the same day, but ‘ve been watching the coverage about the terror attacks in Paris and I am heartbroken. What is this world coming to?

* * *

It’s been cold this week. Yesterday morning, we had almost freezing temperatures here in Sacramento and that’s pretty rare. During the days, it’s been sunny and just perfect fall weather for running in the park though. This is how I like my fall and winters.

Happy weekend!

  1. I love gatherings at work for that exact reason – you can finally put a name to a face and get to know the people you would normally talk on the phone or write an email to. It’s so much fun getting to know one another better.

    1. I am glad you feel the same way ;)

  2. I went to a book exchange party on Friday and everyone brought an ap to share so it was potluck style. It was so fun to try everything as there were several GF dishes I could eat. I brought a Greek layered dip which was soooo good!

    1. I just love potlucks :)

  3. We have our potluck at work this Friday, but not sure I’m going to go to it. I don’t really feel like making anything and now I work from home on Fridays so I’m not really tempted to come in. But I might change my mind!

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