Friday Facts


This week has been the longest and shortest week in a while. It’s the most bizarre thing how long the hours are, but how short the day is.

* * *

Some friends from Germany/Switzerland are visiting California this week and as soon as I have finished my coffee, we’ll be spontaneously meeting up with them in Napa Valley for some wine-tasting. I am so excited to have a reason to get out of the house and go to Napa again (although, do you really need a reason to go to Napa?). The weather is perfect, mid-70’s and sunshine. I love Californian fall.

* * *

I received a little package from my Mom this week, with a sweet card, some reading material (from my hometown) and a bag of my favorite licorice. The package just came at the perfect time. How did my Mom know that I need a little pick-me-up this week? I guess, Moms just know. ♥

* * *

I made my favorite Crockpot Turkey Chili this week and officially declared that “it’s fall”, even though temperatures here in Northern California are still getting up to the 80’s. But, who cares! Crockpot-season has begun!

* * *

On Tuesday, I had a long phone call with my sister. Hearing my sister’s voice always warms my heart (although I would have really preferred a hug). I don’t allow myself very often to acknowledge the feeling of how much I really miss her on a daily basis, but sometimes it punches me in the gut just to remind me that it’s still there. I’m just so thankful that connecting with her (and the rest of my family and friends) is so easy these days.


  1. I have no idea how, but somehow your blog got deleted from my feedly account – I’ve missed you! And I’m glad I have you back :) I started making that crockpot chili recipe after you posted it last time and my whole family LOVES it – even picky eater, Mr. Topher! I hope you have a great weekend :)

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