Friday Facts


Today is the last day of my first pay period at my new old job. In case you missed my (protected) post from last week, I finally left my contractor position and got my direct appointment with the government. It’s been a long time coming.  I am still working in the same office with the same people on the same projects, only my “official” employer has changed. Working for the state had some perks I wasn’t previously aware of, but overall I am thankful that this job limbo is finally over.

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My “balcony garden” is pathetic this year. The only plant I’ve managed to keep alive is my (third) basil plant. My tomato plants didn’t even make it to bearing any fruits (which is probably because our balcony inconveniently underwent some construction) and it basically ‘killed’ my gardening efforts. Oh well. Thank goodness for the Farmers Market!

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One year ago today, I was in Germany celebrating my niece’s first day of school. I never blogged much about my time in Germany last year (I guess, I didn’t get around to it), but it was a much needed time to unplug and spend time with family. I can’t believe it’s been a year. Greta’s going to be 7 in October. Stop growing up so fast!

Happy Friday!


  1. I’m glad your job limbo is finally over! I’m still in a contract position and I’m debating looking for something else. I love working from home but hate not being able to plan my evenings, since I don’t know whether or not I have to work that day until 3:30 p.m. A year and a half of living in limbo is more than enough for me! I killed all my balcony plants this year. I blame the heat, though the fact that I never remember to water them is probably a factor as well :D

  2. Sorry to hear your patio garden hasn’t done well this summer. Mine has done so so. My basil was doing great but now it’s not looking so hot… The other herbs, except Cilantro which was a total fail, have done ok but I have found that I don’t really use them that often so I think next year I will just stick with basil. I wish I could grow tomatoes but i tried that one year and it did not go well. I think patio gardening is so tough! Next year I might try to plant some things in Phil’s yard.

  3. Glad to hear your job limbo finally got some happy ending.
    And I hear you on the gardening. My basil doesn’t look all to good either and the chive looks even worth…
    Happy weekend, Tobia

  4. Congrats on your new employment status! I bought a dwarf lime tree for my balcony and I’m lucky if I can get it to grow leaves let alone fruit :(

  5. congrats on your employment status change! such good news, considering all you had to deal with before. :)

  6. Omg YAY!!! That’s fantastic news about your job situation!! Wahoo! I’d give you a high five and big hug in person and then take you out for coffee if I could!

    Your adorable niece is just ridiculously cute!

    I hear you about the plants; we have basically killed everything except for a pepper plant and the mint. Just need to remember to water them….

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