Photo of the week: Golden Gate’s little sister

Foto der Woche

It’s time for the ‘Foto der Woche‘ again and this last week was so beautiful in so many regards. It was gorgeous, sunny spring weather, I had a girl date planned last weekend (see previous post!) and yesterday was my birthday! What happened in your corner of the world?

Here is mGlücklichmacher #10


Golden Gate’s little sister (taken March 7, 2014)

Ha, did I fool you? Did you think that this is the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco? Not quite, but it sure does look a lot like it. This is Guy West Bridge close to my work and I took a stroll on my lunch break on Friday, because it was so gorgeous outside. The colors of the bridge and the sky were just competing for attention.

  1. You have skills with your camera. Your pictures make me want to jump into them!! xoxo

  2. Das ist echt ein tolles Foto! Der Ausschnitt ist super!

    LG Judith

  3. Solche Aussichten in der Mittagspause würden mir auch gefallen!!! Sehr hübsch anzusehen!

  4. Sehen sich aehnlich! :) Schoener Spaziergang!

  5. Oh ja, da würde ich auch gerne spazieren gehen ;)!

  6. Beautiful photo, San!

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